17th Nov 2004, 17:33

Added by Author of original review (2)

Decided I was not prepared to pay the £1,580 the dealer wanted to exchange the car!.

Car has now been in again, 3 days this time.. Total (11 days, since 4th July 2004) :

They have fitted a new axle beam and 2 new rear tyres

(Looking at the back of the car the N/S still appears to toe in and have a negative camber.. will check this at an independent garage!.

They have fixed the A/C.

They have fitted some shims to the front pads to stop them squealing, Fixed!

Problems still unresolved are:

No paint on inside of rear door slam (O/S)

O/S Sill top rubber split

Still not convinced about the rear axle beam... getting this checked out.

29th Nov 2004, 12:17

Added by Author of original review (3) :

Well, trying another dealer! same name, different location. Now dealing directly with the MD.

They have accepted that the car is faulty and the list of jobs I have given them to do is now finally beginning to get sorted out!.

Its in for:

1) Re-spray around rear doorslams (Both Sides)

2) Replace rear axle beam (AGAIN!)

3) Fit new sill seal O/S.

4) Stop door squeek (N/S/R) ( (Fourth attempt to fix) )

5) Fix air conditioning system (AGAIN!)

6) Sort out CD changer noise (AGAIN!)

By the way the ^54 plate 307 I have on loan is starting to fall apart! : (: (

1) Drivers seat went bang... creeks and groans now!.. I only weigh 9 stone!

2) Steering wheel is sharp!

4th Jan 2005, 09:02

Sorry to say.

These cars are just about the worst heaps of junk on the road.

Had one for a while and it fell apart too.

Sorry to hear about your bad luck, best you can do is get rid of it and buy something decent (VW? even a Vauxhall!, at least they don't fall apart)

17th Jan 2005, 18:26

Added By Author Of Original Review (18-1-2005)

In The Dealers Again...

Front lower arm bushes this time... and the wiper blades were banging into each other!.

They fitted some """Modified""" front anti-roll bar bushes while they were there as well...

Whats going to go wrong next I wonder...???

21st Mar 2005, 16:25

Added by Author of original review: 21st march 2005.

Booked in the dealers yet again..

Loud banging noise from under the car (Again!!!)

Inside drivers door trim.. the whole thing, is hanging off (Again!!!)

Oil pressure light does not work... (never has!)

I have attached some posters I made on the car now Don't BUY A 307... Please refund me!!!

3rd Apr 2005, 13:43

Added by Author of original review 03/04/05.

Finally decided to trade this heap of junk in...

Bought a Hyundai Getz...

Well... Cannot be any worse than a 307 can it??? :) ) )

Bye bye Peugeot.. I will not be back!

19th Apr 2005, 06:23

By Author of original review:-

Well I am now the proud owner of a Hyundai Getz 1.6!!!

What a revelation after the 307, better in everyway...

Only had the car for 4 days so I suppose I better wait a while before posting a review for it here!.

It cannot possibly be any worse than the 307 can it???

7th May 2006, 14:30

Well, if it's any sort of compensation for the bad times you poor people have been having with your 307's, I was about to buy one (and my friend too). I quite liked the looks and styling of the car, and I "initially" thought, what a nice looking motor indeed. Now though, I will stay as far away from a 307 as I would from a deadly snake about to bite my rear behind. Shame on the 307 really, as they are a very nice looking car, but it proves that bad cars ended up being left in the showrooms. Peugeot would have had over £20,000 off me and my friend, but now... think I'll look at Japanese cars instead. At the end of the day, the only people who loose out are the dealers. Maybe they should stop building rubbish!