14th Mar 2010, 13:23

I have a Pug 307CC, and I agree the 'O' button does not work when you want it to, but at the moment my biggest problem is the roof. As the weather was lovely yesterday, I decided to put the roof down (as you do with a convertible), but when I went to go out to watch the Rugby and lock the car up, the roof decided not to go up properly and is out of sync on the driver's side. Looks like a clip has gone on the arm, and if pushed into place with a screw driver will clip in and eventually go up, but now cannot get it back down. Is this a common fault, has this ever happened to any of you, and can you please give me any advice on how to sort this? Any help, very grateful.

hotchik88@hotmail.co.uk (made email address when 14, sorry, sad I know).

Also, since we had snow months ago, my washer jets are not working. I have heard it may be to do with a fuse. Again, any advice very much appreciated :D thanks Jenna x.

21st Mar 2010, 10:35

Bought this car 11 months ago in a moment of weakness as it was so pretty.

Faults so far...

* Not starting on numerous occasions

* Misfiring

* Leaks water under pressure

* Dash re set to zero

* Windows didn't close after shutting the door

* Guttering above windows appear to channel water into the car when it rains

* Most garages will not have anything to do with the car

* When complained to pug dealer about faults the tried selling me a new one!

* At this very moment my pretty car is sat in the street on a Sunday with the roof stuck open.

Moral of the story.. listen to your head not your heart.

P.S Anyone want to buy a 307cc 2ltr?

5th Apr 2010, 18:56

Well folks thanks for all the advice! I was well on my way to buying an 07 plate 307CC, having owned a 52 plate 206 SW from new, which I have to say was great! Was giving up my 13 year old Mazda MX5 for a bit more luxury, but don't think I'll be bothering now!

Good luck all, and thanks again, you've saved me £10K!!!

Ian W.

7th Apr 2010, 07:42

Hey Guys.

I have had my 307 CC for 13 months now!

The petrol consumption is atrocious!

The windows do leak when you have the window open slightly and it's raining; you must lock your doors if you are getting the car washed.

Other than that, everything is fine!

However, the sensor for the screen in the boot has pinged off, so I can no longer take the roof down! Can't imagine how much that will cost me!

13th Apr 2010, 17:58

Hi Guys, just went to put a deposit on a 307 CC today, but it had been sold already (must be an omen) - luckily I have read this forum now and will not be venturing into any such rash decisions again.

Yes the car is gob-smackingly beautiful, but being the way that comes at a price. Thanks and good luck with your problems xxx.

15th May 2010, 04:07

Hi guys and gals. I have a 2005 307CC 180 BHP, and again have had many faults. Only this week it has had a new exhaust and wheel bearings, setting me back £750. Amazingly it has only got 28k on the clock!!

Anyway the reason for writing is to give a tip to you all who get the Anti Pollution alert, a Peugeot mechanic told me this. Don't take it to the dealer, fill it up with decent petrol like Shell V, supermarket petrol is rubbish compared to this. It worked for me and I have never had the fault again, you don't have to put it all the time, just now and again. Hope this saves you some money.

19th Jun 2010, 13:49

Great car, I have had mine for over year and it has been fantastic. I feel that people only really put comments on websites when they are hacked off, so thought I would put on a positive comment. Not all of these cars have problems. I have always had pugs, and would definitely not hesitate to recommend people buy a 307cc!

9th Oct 2010, 08:50

My Pug is an 05 plate. Yes, these problems I've been reading have happened to ours. Mainly door switch gone, window up down every 10 seconds. ABS/ESP lights keep coming on/off.

Roof is fine, but have had a problem with the back trim in the boot for the roof operation. Design fault, don't have items pushed up against it when operating the roof.

The other prob is the smell from the exhaust "rotten eggs".

It's a nice looking car, but glad it's the wife's and not mine. Audi is the way forward...

12th Oct 2010, 13:27

Bought mine brand new in 2004, and still driving it.

Had problems from the start with the roof, the boot, windows have minds of their own, noisy wiper and engine management issues, seems a common theme.

Beautiful car to look at, good drive, poor reliability, especially electrics.

One point; if you get engine management issues/poor emissions, change your spark plugs. I did this and all problems disappeared! I think I had one spark plug with an intermittent fault - Peugeot technicians never picked it up!!!

22nd Oct 2010, 02:03

Hi, we got our 54 plate 2.0 CC last year, and it had done just over 50k.

From first picking the car up, had a blowing exhaust that turned out to be a baffle. They use a standard exhaust box and turn it on its side.

Have had the front wheels balanced at least 5 times. All OK till 70mph, then rubbish. When started in the morning, sometimes runs on 3 for a bit.

Last month clutch went, £650, boot motor liner got eaten by roof opening somehow, £55, battery has gone and will have to buy new this weekend (have you taken battery cover off, Jesus what an effort).

Driver's window wouldn't shut all way up after battery refitted... Then it did :-) and CD player won't turn off... EVER!! It's making this poxy sound.

It's a very nice car, but god it has its faults. We took out a 4 year cover for this car for peace of mind; so far all the things that have gone were not covered (£150 was paid towards clutch).

Reading all the comments, I am glad we did now; if things start to go wrong in a big way, I will take it out in to the woods and burn it...

Would we buy another?... Probably yes.. They do look very nice... Mind you... Haven't had the roof jam up yet...

25th Nov 2010, 17:53

What can I say... I have had my 307cc for 3 years; 2006 model. It is off road at present getting fixed again.

Needs new wheel bearing that is only sold in pairs, and they are connected to the brake discs - expensive!!

System management fault to do with speed; the car will not drive above 30, and wants to cut out all the time; tried the limiter and it's not that - so it's with the garage and will probably cost in excess of £500!!

To top it all, last year the roof broke completely and the mechanism inside the boot sprung apart - the boot was empty?

You really don't want to know the cost of repairing that fault. The car has only done 20,000 miles. Arghhhhhh!!