13th May 2009, 14:18

I bought my 307cc 2.0l in 2005 new and have had nothing but problems since!

All same problems as above really; windows have a mind of their own as do the headlights (and I don't even have automatic ones!). Constantly smells funny as it leaks so often - completely agree about having a wet right leg every time I open the door! I've had the power steering break, the window problem which wasn't covered by the warranty - apparently just the way convertibles are designed!?!? Then the window motor broke, £400 to fix!

Just had it MOT'd 4 weeks ago and it's back in the garage this week needing new brake pads and discs, new clutch, new exhaust, new anti-roll thing (???), ESP button is being investigated as I keep getting an error message, windows are being fixed again and new brake fluid. And to make it even better, I've been told it's going to cost me just over £2,000!


17th May 2009, 03:11

I have a Peugeot 307CC bought new in 2004, and I've had most of the problems other people have had, but I have another one too! Why does the computer in my car keep crashing and going back to zero??? Sometimes when I start the car it really struggles to start, and this is when the computer goes back to zero. Yesterday it did it about 3 times in one day! Anyone have any ideas please?

18th Aug 2009, 22:23

I have a pug 307cc new since 2006. Had a few minor electronics covered by the warranty plus the leak from the roof covered by the warranty.

Loving the car because it is really stylish, but not really satisfied by the reliability, which is average.

23rd Aug 2009, 02:37

My 2005 307cc mileage 23,000 with leather seats and dash. The leather on the dash has shrunk to the point that the stitching as come apart round the air bag and vents; is this a common fault??

25th Aug 2009, 07:35

1. Slightly leaking roof when washing under pressure with brushes. I can live with this.

2. Steering wheel vibration after 80 km/h - this one is terrible and I cannot fix it. Wheels balancing doesn't help. Official PUG garage cannot do anything about it.

3. Exhaust pipe gone after 5 years and new one cost 800 euros.

Reading faults in this forum, I would like to sell the car before they start happening, and never buy PUG again.

Although I really like exterior, interior and performance of the car :(

4th Nov 2009, 10:01

I love my 307 cc, but after only owning it for 5 weeks the roof jammed. I got that fixed and dealer was very helpful.

I now have the problem of the 0 button being stuck in and can't open my boot. Can anyone tell how to sort it out???

19th Nov 2009, 17:13

55 plate 307 - 4 yrs old so why am I told it has a major engine failure - cost to strip engine to diagnose will be 1150 pounds!!! Customer care don't want to know!!!

I didn't get an extended warranty as garage doesn't sell them - and mechanic there said engine will make 150,000 miles, how wrong, mine has 70,000 miles and it's very poorly.

Windows have always had a mind of their own - window button replaced once - and in need again - the rain gets in it!

15th Jan 2010, 12:20

Peugeot 307cc purchased new in May 2005 as an import from 'car advisers' Brilliant firm, saved us £3500 on the local dealer price.

The car has been very good, only problems with roof were after the car received a very light rear end shunt that put the roof mechanism out of line (the roof apparently hinges off the back panel, fixed by dealer/insurance co) Leaks a bit if you pressure wash it, but so did all of my Merc CLKs. The car has now done 67,000 miles and is still on its original brake pads!!!

I personally wouldn't buy another, but the other half loves it!

3rd Feb 2010, 15:59

I bought a Peugeot 307cc on a 54 plate. I have only had it for 3 months and already problems are creeping in.

The front passenger side window goes down on its own accord, the window switch and sensor seem to be bogged up and need replacing as water leaked into the car, I can see a bunch of wires hanging out near the front tyre (not sure if that's not normal?) what else hmmm, oh yes, the ESP light comes on the dash when it feels like it, and when I turn the engine off and on again, it goes away only to return later.

I warned my wife about buying a Peugeot, but she didn't listen because of its looks. I am trying to convince her to SELL this crap ASAP.

Apart from the above, I have no other complaints as yet... We as the consumers should get together and perhaps write to Watchdog or something if Peugeot does not take up responsibility for its faults. A stick is easy to break on its own, but if you join a few more, it becomes harder. Thank you - slick1980@hotmail.com

7th Mar 2010, 00:40

I purchased my PUG in April last year, 05 plate. I love the car, it's stylish, and looks great with the roof down. However... if it rains, you can't open a window as it pees in on your legs... the wipers are so noisy, they drown out the Kings of Leon... I'm on my 3rd exhaust, and the CD multi player has finally given up on me.

I have had the roof jam on two occasions, and during the snow at Christmas, got locked out of the car, for three hours. if you leave the car running for a short time, it 'misses' like it's not firing quite right. I have no confidence in the car, and don't go on long journeys with it... Sorry PUG, you really need to sort your cars out.

12th Mar 2010, 04:26

54 plate 2.0 CC 48k miles.

Poor running, anti pollution light - plugged in a code reader to socket on RHS of dash and found a faulty injector, confirmed by swapping with one of the others and fault moved with the injector. injector replaced by local injection specialist, OK so far. Car can still be very lumpy when starting if it has been left for a few days without use.

Dipstick reading in mileometer erratic, but so is oil consumption, which can get high, but goes back to normal after a while. Needs to be checked manually regularly!

Got stung with dealer only exhaust, very expensive, no way out as part is the main cost.

Leaks in roof as is common. Bit of silicone grease on rubbers sometimes helps.

Heater motor getting noisy at startup when cold, other posts suggest this will fail shortly and is expensive to replace.

Steering wobble at speed - balancing has to be just so, you need to find a tyre specialist with a very accurate balancer to cure. Many places just don't have good enough kit for this sensitive car. Don't waste money on cheap tyres, which may be made to lower tolerances and therefore trigger the issue again in a few 1000 miles.

Steering rack was loose at last MOT, problem because of all that wheel wobble.

Not the most reliable of cars, but fun to drive and spacious for a CC.