4th Oct 2012, 09:53

Hi. My dash is just starting to split. How did you fix yours, and have you heard of a way to solve this? I would be grateful for any help.

Thanks, Nikki.

21st Feb 2013, 03:02

I'm from New Zealand and bought a 307 6 months ago. Only problem has been a minor leak in the roof, but I think I fixed it.

Otherwise it has been a great car with all equipment working fine. It's so comfortable with good seats, and handles NZ roads well, and I live down a gravel road too. Have taken it on some long rides and it performs well too, but I feel a manual would suit the 2 litre better than the auto (which I have). So the Tiptronic gets a lot of use!

Sorry to hear of others having problems, and hope my 307 doesn't let me down now I've written this...

26th Feb 2013, 09:07

I hate my Peugeot.

I have a 55 reg 307CC 2 litre.

Had it 18 months, and it has been a nightmare since day one.

My latest and biggest issue is having to wear my hood up whilst driving due to the rain coming in! When I dreamt of the enjoyment of owning a convertible, this image was not what I had in mind!

Well the Peugeot main garage has been useless. In the last month my car has been in with them 4 times to try to correct this roof leak (£600 later... still no joy!) and I have just rang them again to say it still leaks. Now I really hate my car and the troubles it brings... I'm despairing because I can't see any light at the end of the tunnel. I took it to a Peugeot main garage, thinking they would have the expertise to fix a common convertible issue - well I was wrong. Please take my advice and never buy a 307CC.. I would hate for anyone to experience my frustrations.

Why should I have to sit in my car with my hood up?!

19th Mar 2013, 09:55

I bought one last year. You learn to be a mechanic quite quickly owning one of these. I do like it though.

12th Apr 2013, 21:34

Hi, I have a Peugeot 307 cc 2005. The problem is that I’ve recently opened the roof and heard a squeaky noise coming from the boot as the roof was coming down. The roof operation completed fine and I drove off. When I put the roof up to close, the same squeaky noise came up again and the roof closed OK, although it was coming up shaky.

I opened the boot to see if there was anything broken and found that the interior near side boot shut (trim) cover has slightly come off (almost broken) as if there was something pushing it from inside a motor, shaft or something. Clearly the squeaky noise was coming from the boot shut covers - bending and breaking as the roof was operating. Perhaps this is a minor problem I can fix without spending too much money at the dealers. Can somebody help?

Lisa from South Croydon, London.

2nd May 2013, 17:13

It might be a belt in the tire that has moved. It could be a faulty tire. Good luck.

I am looking at a 2009 307cc with 26,000 kilometers. I am hoping this is not a mistake. I have had two 206 SW with very little trouble.

Thanks, T.

19th Jul 2013, 13:55

I have the same problem. Does anyone know how to help?

Eventually got the roof down, but the boot on the 307 CC won't close.

13th Aug 2013, 02:37

Having the same problem. Help...

14th Aug 2013, 03:49

Oh good, because I bought one this week and we love it. X

12th Nov 2013, 16:59

Love my 307cc 55 plate, but the clutch went today :(

11th Apr 2014, 09:51

I have a 2004 307 CC and I am having problems with the roof going down. As soon as I press for the roof to go down, the anti pollution warning light and engine management light comes on... when the roof is up it all seems OK.

19th Apr 2014, 04:45

I had the same problem, decided to stop the roof halfway open and noticed that the boot plastic cover was catching on the inside boot plastic trim. Solution, take out both covers and cut quite a big chunk off the upper trim, no problem since.

Aitch Cyprus

6th Jul 2014, 20:59

Oh dear, I wish I'd seen these reviews earlier. I've just bought an 06 Pug CC, driven it for only a week and I'm already noticing problems with the ABS warning lights constantly coming on, the exhaust suddenly blowing, and the heating deciding to fry us. I've saved for ages for one because they look so beautiful! Fingers crossed they're minor issues, but I'm now very doubtful after reading the reviews.

24th Jul 2014, 08:39

I like the 307 CC, but had a major problem which I think should or could be the cause of a recall. When driving, fortunately quite slowly, on a busy road, the car suddenly came to a screeching halt as the computer got an erroneous message that the air bags had inflated. If I had been driving at any speed, the car would presumably have been involved in a serious accident at such a speed.

The authorised agents here, who are not competent, said the problem was caused by water on the floor board in the spare tyre compartment, causing the airbag ECU to malfunction. In fact, I have never seen water there before or since this incident, so I doubt the truth of it.

I had to replace the airbag ECU, the rollover airbag ECU, roll over safety bar, BSI and seat belts, at a cost of approx 6,000 pounds.

Has anyone else ever heard of such an incident?

I tried writing, e-mailing etc to Peugeot in France and the UK, but never got the courtesy of a response.

22nd Aug 2014, 20:15

Hi, had my wife's Pug for 5 weeks. The clutch was slightly slipping when I bought it. Changed the clutch and it's still slipping. Any ideas would be helpful?

31st Aug 2014, 00:20

Hello Pug 307cc owners. Just bought a 2004. Happy to say everything seems to be working fine except the air conditioning (and a couple of bulbs, but Dad was a mechanic so gonna sort that out myself!).

What the hell is happening when the air conditioning comes on full blast? Sometimes it doesn't work at all... Actually... It doesn't work full stop. No buttons do anything at all. I know I shall probably have to take it to Auto Electric, but any advice would be helpful... ;-)

16th Dec 2014, 21:24

And mine, but it had a grinding noise, then no gears, then bang.

I think it's the flywheel.

27th Jan 2015, 10:27

I agree. I have had two 307CCs, and they have been solidly built, and great to drive and cruise in. The only problem has been with an intermittent anti-pollution error message, which goes away after a while. I have done 230,000km on my second one with no real issues. Make sure you replace the timing belt regularly. My wife and I love it!


30th Jul 2015, 18:15

Does anyone know if there is a catch inside the Peugeot 307 cc to open the boot?

24th Jan 2016, 19:57

To open the boot without the key, press the inside of the Peugeot written on the boot on the outside.

8th Apr 2016, 21:33

You mean press the inside of the 0 in the 307 boot badge. It is the boot switch provided the car is unlocked.

8th Aug 2018, 06:47

I have the same problem. It’s the only problem! I love my car and it’s in excellent condition, and (touch wood) has never let me down. I’ve taken it to leather repairers who have said they can’t repair it. Do any of my fellow 307cc users know a solution?