308 Active 1.6 e-HDi 115hp turbo diesel

Fun to drive, economical, comfortable, quality feel, but has flaws

205 words, UK and Ireland


308 1.6 diesel

66 words, Turkey

308 e-HDI Sportium 1.6 turbo diesel

Peugeot as a company is going down. No wonder why with crap cars; that's what will happen

125 words, Turkey


308 SW 1.6 HDI turbo diesel

Excellent family car

146 words, Bulgaria


Perfect car for the family who had two babies

45 words, Australia and New Zealand

308 S 1.5 petrol


25 words, UK and Ireland

308 HDi 1.6 turbo diesel

A very satisfying family car to own

119 words, Taiwan


308 HDi Premium 1.6 HDi turbo diesel

Perfect car for the town and out of it

124 words, Bulgaria

308 HDi turbo diesel

Not worth the hassle and arguments

140 words, Australia and New Zealand, 1 comment

308 Coupe petrol

Nice idea, badly built, and poorly serviced

41 words, Australia and New Zealand