1988 Peugeot 405 MI16 1.9 from Denmark


Really beautiful car - if maintained


Almost everything all way around the car.

Bearings were making an uncontrollable noise in the back - started one week after purchasing the vehicle - had to fix it.

After fixing the bearings other sounds from all around were heard.

Driving shafts worn out - not properly assembled, resulting in buying new ones...

Radiator leaky.

Heater inside the car broken - constantly cold (except in summer time).

Loudspeakers do not work properly.

Problems with a tired clutch.

Speedometer cable replaced.

Speedometer cable replaced - again.

Now a new cable would not fit inside of the tube.

Light bulbs in speedometer display blew one after one.

Speedometer had to be changed, while the trip meter broke, together with the last cable - and the bulbs.

Remote control (key) can actually lock/unlock the doors once in a while.

The engine has been replaced two times in the 18 months I have had this car... still not working/driving as it should.

Handbrake miserable.

Engine valves running wild.

Exhaust pipe leaky.

Sun roof leaky and takes in water when it is raining.

Sun roof out of order.

Wheels worn out in only 20.000 KM.

Power-steering out of order.

Servomotor broken.

Rear fog lights switch broken.

Glove compartment hinge broke.

Power window switches not responding every time.

Headlight switch not working properly.

The paintwork is developing cracks.

Engine mounting worn out - making a big KRROKK every time switching to lower gears.

No communication between the car and the ABS-system.

Radiator leaky - again.

Etc., etc., etc.

Going nowhere now.

General Comments:

My car is still good looking on the outside.

I have used it as a family car, and just when I bought it, it seemed as if it was a good car.

Now, I have stopped the maintenance of the car, because it is in vain.

Seats are still good, but it can't stand up to the noise from all around.

I really tried to repair what had to be repaired, but I am not that fast. It has cost me more to repair, than purchase.

Might be I am unfortunate when it comes to MI16.

I still think that the design is pretty nice and the car can do well in a beauty contest.

Had a chip in the first engine that made it go about 15 kilometers to the litre on the highway.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2006

18th Dec 2010, 10:54

You must be the most unlucky Mi16 owner ever. They are usually very tough and reliable cars, with only few common problems such as cheap plastics and trim. The Mi16 will one day be seen as a true classic.

1988 Peugeot 405 GL 1.6 from Denmark


Running costs not existent


Complete rear bridge needs replacing

Both drive shafts faulty

Misc. electrics not functioning

Steering very shifty and stiff, quirks

Brake pedal travels to floor, needs replacing

Clutch travel is hard, and not easy to use

Speedometer cable hangs, gets stuck at full throttle

Extreme valve ticking

Noisy rear exhaust

Numerous holes and marks in front seats

Gear shift is very "square"

Hand brake cable needs tightening

Trip counter not functioning

Speedometer needle all over the place

Car always starts on cold engine, but runs bad the first two minutes. I'm not sure if it's the head gasket, wax thermostat or automatic choke.

Rust under rear seats and boot, some holes - car previously damaged.

Generally rattles and quirks from body and interior.

General Comments:

Engine is lacking power, even if driven hard. Missing rev counter makes overtaking and flooring it hard, power only comes on beyond 4000-4500 RPM's(hard to tell with no rev counter).

This is my first car, bought it for £450 and it the paint looks brand new, I think the car was totalled and rebuilt and resprayed. The car has major running problems when cold; IE the first two minutes. Always starts though, although it starts worse when it's hot.

Gear shift is noisy and hard to use.

I drive the engine VERY hard, since I'm used to my parents car with 220 and 170HP, and this car can EASILY take the beating, the engine is just rock-solid even with 320000KM (which is a lot for a Peugeot engine that hasn't been rebuilt) 's on it!

Since it looks so good on the outside, I think I'm gonna sell it for $900 :-)

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Review Date: 27th May, 2006