5th Sep 2005, 04:30

Ref:-Cooling Fans 'cutting in'.

You're not alone - I've had this on my 1.9Turbo Diesel (UK) for the last three years odd. Thermostat wasn't opening - but wasn't heating up - or even overheating really. Changed it - now great water flow - but no change in fan issue. My car has A/C and twin fans (two stages). I haven't solved my problem either - but hope that you agree that the problem is with stage one fan 'cutting in' intermittently - always around 80C, and for varying time duration. I have replaced 'Bitron' video unit, but am looking now to change the 'Bitron' sensor (Brown - on fuel preheating chamber), as I'm running out of ideas.

18th Nov 2006, 00:34

Another update at the end of 2006: the car now has 350,000+ km on it. My 17 year-old daughter is driving it now, so it is getting some regular work again. Rear discs and pads were changed November 2006, as well as the main handbrake cable.

The original clutch is still in place, despite the novice driver (she is good, I taught her myself) ;-)

Windshield aperture has rusted out in one spot, leading to water ingress. This windshield was replaced in 1996 and the work was shoddy. I suspect the shop scraped the old urethane off with metal knives, leading to the rust. It is not worth repairing, even though the driver's side floor gets wet in the winter. The car's market value is about $500, and the repair could cost more than that.

I like the 405 so much that I am planning to import a 1994 405 T16 4x4 to Canada in 2009.

10th Jul 2015, 03:00

Do you think the Peugeot 405 has little torsional stiffness-rigidity compared to a Peugeot 404? That's very poor indeed! I've seen a couple of crashes, and the 405 always ended in very, very bad shape. What's your opinion? Thanks!