2000 Peugeot 406 2.0 HDi turbo diesel from Australia and New Zealand


Nice to drive, but expensive to repair


Two rockers broke in the head, costing $3000.00 in repairs. 140000 km.

Clutch and flywheel at 155000 km. Both slave and main clutch cylinders needed replacement.

Body work very soft and dents so easily.

Engine fault light on at 170000, but no fault in the system when tested. Still costs me money to clear it.

Hand brake low fluid warning coming on when the system was tested OK.

General Comments:

The 406 drives very nicely with a great and comfortable ride.

Plenty of room for the whole family.

Very economical on diesel, but has average performance, especially when trying to tow an average size trailer.

The price of parts in New Zealand offsets the cost saving of running on diesel.

I've never had a car with so many mechanical faults! For what I have saved on the price of petrol, I have spent many $$$$s fixing major problems. Going back to Toyota and Honda.

Sad that the body dents so easily.

Clutch and flywheel parts cost near 2000 NZ$ alone, and 800 to fit. Rocker problem cost close to $2000 NZ$ in parts alone also.

Try and buy your parts in Europe, and get them sent over to NZ. You can save up to 65% in part costs.

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Review Date: 15th April, 2011

15th Apr 2011, 08:05

Ask the garage what protocol they used for reading the ECU.

The 406 uses the ISO protocol, which probably isn't all that common in New Zealand.

2000 Peugeot 406 LX 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Good as any other, and better than some


Electrical faults can be very time consuming to find, Dashboard pod is a weak spot, lights will stay on and indicator warning lights won't work if it's on the way out.

Brake warning fault message is common, often broken switch on handbrake, and seatbelt light flashes, usually connectors under the seats. Earth points need to be checked too. And beware of rear coil spring braking.

General Comments:

These cars are getting old now, so some faults should be expected, but if you buy one that has been looked after they are great reliable cars. Lots of secondhand parts available. Main dealers prices are very high. A good skilled D.I.Y person should be able to cope with most repairs, but the electrics are a nightmare if they go wrong.

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Review Date: 3rd February, 2010

13th Jun 2010, 18:07

True, the 406 is a nightmare for electric problems. I bought a 406 and within 3 days it turned into a Christmas tree - lights staying on, brake lights staying on, false warnings ABS, low brake fluid etc.

Problem solved: I had a look at the electrical harness near the fusebox, and followed the cables going down under the seat. Peugeot have 3 plugs under the carpet, directly under the accelerator cable. These 3 plugs had been in water and had corroded badly. I replaced these plugs and car is working perfectly now. Love my 406!!!

2000 Peugeot 406 HDi 2.0 turbo diesel from Australia and New Zealand


The 406HDi gives a very relaxing and economical drive on city or country roads


Although I've only had it for three months, I'm very impressed with this 406HDi. The only problem appears to be a slight rattle coming from somewhere in the front right suspension.

The body and paint work is smooth, straight and strong, and the interior still looks new, so I have no complaints there.

The previous elderly owner looked after it well; he followed the service guide to the book, but he also did a few pricey repairs: the double pulley, front shocks, rear link rods, water pump, and a few other minor things over the past 80,000kms or so. Other than that, no major work has been needed.

He also drove it across the length of Australia and back at least twice, and from Queensland to Victoria a few times too, so he obviously trusted it. However, this 406 is approaching its tenth birthday, and with 180,000kms, I expect things to come up and maintenance to be needed and ongoing.

Regardless of that, I hope to keep this car for as long as I can, since there's no need to replace such a comfortable, economical, stylish, unpretentious and well engineered car.

General Comments:

The 406HDi is a lovely car to drive, it's very smooth and handles softly yet precisely.

The interior is very comfortable and the ride is quiet. The Australian spec cars are very well equipped with four airbags, climate controlled air-con, fog lights, comfy arm rests for the driver and passengers, a good stereo with a CD stacker, auto wipers, alloys, folding rear seats, and a neat rear blind that's very useful under our hot summer sun.

It's a little slow to get moving, but once it is, it moves along effortlessly. Out on the open road, it's happy to cruise up and down hills in 5th all day without asking you to do anything. Nor does it use much fuel along the way. Being quite slow revving with lots of low down torque, but not much power, it's a very gentle car to drive; even the manual gearbox won't expect you to get too involved.

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Review Date: 12th October, 2009

9th Jun 2012, 02:50

Update: It's mid 2012, and I've still got this 406, it's now done about 210,000kms. It's treated me very well the whole time with no major problems, only the fuel pump gave up at one point. Basically, just regular maintenance is all it needs. I had the brake pads, and timing belt/water pump done recently. Neither job was too expensive. In Sydney, Colliers in Granville is much cheaper for servicing than anyone else I've made enquiries with. They're also Peugeot obsessed, so they give a very professional service. Based on my experience, a well maintained 406HDi is cheap to run, reliable, and suitable for Australian conditions.

4th Jan 2014, 20:39

It's now Jan 2014, and my 406HDi is still going strong with no major dramas besides those I've created myself. Driving accidently over a median strip on a dark rainy night was not such a good idea, I messed up the right rear suspension unit - and it cost nearly $1000 to repair. Otherwise, all is well and I expect to keep driving it for a while yet.

5th Jan 2014, 12:29

You seem to have encountered a very good engine fitted to your car, and your electrics are holding up well. Keep the car for as long as you can; newer Peugeots based on CarSurvey.org have not always been as dependable.