1990 Peugeot 605 SVI 2.0 8v from Albania


The best car I've ever driven


When I took the car, it was like a dream. Everything was going very well, but after 2 years the nightmare began...

At first the water pump, then the gears sometimes just didn't want to get in, then the clutch let me down twice in the middle of the city.. once the cable, then the disc. I changed them both.. not too expensive...

Then the AC stopped working... the next was the radiator...

The engine started to lose power, then to make some noises... a little electric old cable let my car 1 year in the garage.. the car used to start but not for much more than 15 minutes...

Then something terrible could have happen to me (thank god I was parking the car)... the mechanism which holds the engine broke up and the transmission felt down to the ground... I never replaced that because I didn't find one. I just fix it by hand.

From the interior the back doors don't open from outside...

1 from 4 electric windows doesn't work...

And in the end the ABS... it stopped working while I was driving.

The REST was OK :)

General Comments:

After all this car made to me I LOVE IT... it's the best comfortable, looking, smooth car in the world for its secondhand price.

Great handling, with great brakes until they wouldn't work... :)

It has a limo's comfort, a sports car's brakes and handling, and Ferrari's great looks. I really love this car.

BUT all of these defects weren't all cause of the bad quality of the car. This is a 20 year old car with 300000 km on board, and I don't know how her 3 first owners treated her. I can't complain for just 2000 euro in 2003.

Today the car starts, but I don't use it anymore because of the brake pedal, which is very hard to push. I don't want to spend more money for her to fix it... I was wondering to buy another one with low mileage... thanks.. and buy a Peugeot.. whatever it is.. it will make you fall in love... it's Peugeot. Keep it real.

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Review Date: 20th March, 2009

20th Sep 2010, 10:06

I own a very strong and stable 605. It rides like a dream. I think no other car reaches its standards. It was built to be loved.

The problem I had with the brakes have been mainly with the hydraulic pump. I bought a used one and it now works beautifully. By the way this I did in Kenya.

The sleekness of the car makes even the most resistant head turn.

8th Aug 2012, 09:26

I like the rating you give to your 605. I own two in Kenya, and love most things about them. One is a 2 liter new model, and the other is a 3 liter V6 old model. However, the V6 engine died and I am looking for a replacement. I would love any ideas on how I can get another V6 engine in Kenya.

1990 Peugeot 605 2.0 SRi 2.0 122HP Gasoline from Netherlands


Very underestimated car, which brings you there in style and great comfort, at a real bargain price!


Although the car is well build, it has (or have had) some problems:

- The original fitted sunroof leaks.. A lot. The only solution was sealing it shut and taking out the fuse.

- The original fitted power antenna stopped working

- All the buttons of the ventilation system broke during winter period

- The power mirrors stopped working and now have to be manually adjusted.

General Comments:

The car is very comfortable, spacy and well build. You won't hear any rattles or annoying sounds at all. Above 140km/h (87 miles/h) there is some noise caused by wind, but in general you´ll only hear the engine.

The seats are comfortable and they support your back very well which is especially comfortable on longer trips. And with a gas tank of 80 litres you can make this long trips, the range is about 1000km (625 miles).

With it´s 122HP you won´t have any complaints about acceleration or top speed, which is about 200km/h (125 miles/h). Despite of the lousy plastics used in the interior a great car!

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Review Date: 21st November, 2005