19th Aug 2012, 02:32

Yes, but some of the mentioned problems are problems of servicing it, not of the car itself.

For example, when alternator belt gets snapped, two reasons are more common:

1. It is too old, and was never or rarely changed.

2. It was set with the incorrect tension.

The fuel gauge sometimes plays such games if dirty fuel is used to fill it, and the dirtiness causes such problems - so the reservoir must be cleaned.

Other remarks are serious, but not for a 107K mile car.

They just happen.

5th Sep 2012, 15:01

I appreciate your remarks. However the car has full service history and we run it on Shell Optimax diesel.

As I write this, the car has been in the garage again. Another £761 bill.

Total crap.

16th Oct 2012, 06:33

Hey... it's me again.

Went to start it this morning, and another problem.

All the dials on the dashboard no longer work.

Great, just great.

13th Jan 2013, 14:08

Me again, 800 miles later and now the Pre Heat Control unit has failed.

I hate this car.

Original cost £1900 + £2000 in bills so far = £3900. I could have bought something decent for that.

17th Jan 2013, 08:34

Decided to sell the 806, as it has been dreadful.

However I have now been told by the garage that the ECU is faulty, and the cost is £600-£800 to fix.

So it's going for spares or repairs on eBay.

I would be quite happy to see the blinking thing crushed.

Complete and utter pile of dog's doo doo since day 1. I will never buy another Peugeot.

2nd Feb 2013, 08:13

Found the listing on eBay ("2000 PEUGEOT 806 LX HDI BLUE").

Not advertised as Spares or Repairs, & I see no mention of the expensive ECU fault in there either, however it is easy enough to identify the listing due to the mention of "bought the car last year at £1900 and spent over £500 getting remedial work done that the seller did not tell us about".

I wonder if the next owner will feel the same way if the ECU fault manifests itself in their ownership...

9th Feb 2013, 09:53

Peugeot 806 1999 - problem is the location/mounting of the preheating control unit on the driver's side in the engine bay. It is beneath where all the rainwater is drained from the bonnet rubber seal into the engine bay, so you will find it gets soaked and damp, causing wet damage and corrosion. This in turn causes failure to the injectors etc. You should find 15 wires leading into this control unit, so you have an idea of the number of functions it controls. Bad design really, and the unit should be relocated.

27th Dec 2013, 18:50

We failed to sell it on eBay, so resorted to a best offer. It finally went for 700 including my personal plate worth 600. So all in all... Not a great purchase.

We still have a Peugeot in the family. My wife has a 405 estate, which she has owned for 13 years and it has been to the moon and back.

I now have a Honda. So far in 9 months, it has been perfect.

18th Sep 2016, 20:15

No trust me the 806 is a lemon, plagued with problems, particularly with the auto gear box and electrics. Steer well clear.