23rd Feb 2005, 02:54

What do you mean by "the build quality is more becoming of it's Fiat brother"? It has exactly the same build quality as the Fiat because they are built by the same people on the same line in the same factory. They aren't even built in batches - a Fiat, a Peugeot, a Citroen and a Lancia can (and regularly do) follow each other down the line.

3rd Jun 2006, 12:25

I've had my 807 53 plate for appox 14 months and in that time its been back to peugeot at least 8 times for reoccurring faults i. e anti pollution, esp, ABS, engine management. recently my catalytic converter split at the weld, due to a very weak weld resulting in a repair bill of £862.00. My vehicle has 8 months warranty still left on it, peugeot are telling that the exhaust is only covered for two years.. At the time the vehicle was only 2 years and 1 month old has anyone had a similar problem like this??

14th Jun 2007, 13:02

We've enjoyed driving our car, but it has been in and out of the garage continually since we bought it. We bought it from the local dealer in Dundee, who have been very pleasant. We have had a number of electrical problems and innumerable problems with the three-seat-bench that we bought for the car. The most recent problem was electrical again and the car has been in the garage for nearly four months. So the last three months of the warranty were spent in the garage. Peugeot will not automatically extend the warranty, despite the fact that the car has spent so long in the garage. We've just got the car back tonight and the indicator is not working. It just beggars belief!

9th Oct 2008, 06:25

9th October 2008

Peugeot 807 '06 reg. Like all the other comments, we too have been in several dealerships trying to sort out our annoying problems. We have had an intermittent whistling sound coming from the passenger side sliding door since the day we drove off the forecourt. Despite several visits to the dealership we bought the car from, and our local one, they cannot fix the problem. We have apparently been given a new seal and had re-alignments done, but these have done nothing to improve the problem.

Then lo and behold, other problems started up as well. There's an intermittent sound that comes from underneath the car when you switch off the engine that resembles the sound of a distant vaccum cleaner, and there's intermittent problems with the acceleration, which causes the gearbox faulty warning signal to come up, followed by speed system faulty warning signal.

There is also a chirping sound from the left hand side of the engine when the temperature is set to above 21. This was a problem we had right at the start, and the dealership we bought the car from said that it was due to the heater parts in the engine. They put in new parts and the problem went away, but then a few months on, the problem returned.

My local dealership have been polite and have tried to find these faults, but have not solved any of the problems. They told their Customer Service at Head Office that as far as they were concerned, they had sorted out the problems, but if we wanted to come in again they would have another look. How can you say that you have sorted out the problems when they still occur?

Customer Service said all the trained phrases that you are expected to quote to pacify your customer, but implied that as we had not taken the car back since last April, then the car must have been OK. We, like many other customers, don't have the time to be trekking backwards and forwards to the garage; that's why we haven't been back.

After spending a year of going back to both dealerships, we have had enough. The customer service department have advised me to go to another dealership for a second opinion, and they have said that they will pay out after the guarantee time, if the car needs fixing in the future due to any of these existing problems that we have reported since the car was bought. We have requested this in writing. We don't hold out much hope for the next dealership to find the problems, but we shall try.

15th Jul 2009, 17:51

I too have had the misfortune to buy a secondhand 807 from a dealership. It is a 'thick file' patient at the garage. Recurring electrical issues and the final straw of engine seizure just outside warranty. It has now completely shut down apart from the lights which won't switch off. I will NEVER buy a Peugeot again.

19th Feb 2010, 13:44

I also have an 807 2.2 HDi. I have had endless problems with the car being in limp mode. The car was forever coming up with anti pollution fault, unblock diesel filter, particle filter full.

After 3 months and still no joy, I found a mobile company that will come to your home, plug into it through the diagnostic port, turn all the anti pollution gubbins off, and remap the car's power. My 807 is now averaging 41.5 MPG, is really torquey, and most important, does not go into limp mode. I really recommend them: http://www.ecuflash.co/dpf-removal/

Check them out, you won't regret it.

4th Jul 2010, 15:17

Very interesting about the mobile company, we have had endless problems with our 2003 2.2 HDi and the anti pollution/limp mode. Is your car still performing well, and have you had the anti pollution thing recur since the mobile company did its stuff?

24th Aug 2010, 10:18

We bought an '04 2.2 HDi. After 18 months the LH driver seat bolster split (We live in Poland so car is LHD). Peugeot said I must have had a knife in my back pocket. Oddly enough, when I offered to show my bottom to look for a scar, they declined.

One of the injectors went at 63000km, Peugeot said we were using the wrong diesel (Elf/Total) isn't available here, they wanted nearly 4 grand to fix it, we went private and did it for 2 grand.

Now at 104000km this anti-pollution problem has happened. Given that Peugeot warranties aren't worth anything, I'll just go for the chip/remapping solution.

P.S Yes, we lost a retractable blind, and I think the whistling noise after you turn the engine off is the air con. Do you get a strong smell of paraffin as well?

28th Dec 2010, 14:24

My daughter has a 807, and it has a starting problem when the temperature is below zero. The starter turns the engine freely, but there is no smoke coming from the exhaust. This leads me to think that there is no fuel going into the bores. Could it be that the chip controlling the fuel injection pump is frozen, therefore not issuing fuel to the bore.

The cold start light goes out, so we don't suspect that.

Any ideas?

11th Jun 2011, 15:46

Hi there, thank you for your information, I will will have a look, can you just confirm what the cost is to get this done?

Thank you.


21st Jun 2011, 16:12

I have an 807 litre HDI GLX. It has problems with anti pollution fault. Have you had any more problems with fault since you got it remapped?