24th Jan 2008, 17:46

Have you tried another ignition coil on that truck? It may be heating up and going out on you! Sorry it took so long for help!

13th Mar 2008, 12:44

I have a 1987 Dodge D50 with a 2.0 liter. I am having looking at putting a weber carb on it. It has a lot of vacuum lines on it. From What I understand the only thing to hook into the weber is a vacuum advance. What do you do with the other vacuum lines. Can they just be plugged without causing problems?

22nd Dec 2010, 09:11

I just recently (like 6 weeks ago, recently) bought a well-used 1980 Arrow pickup from a little car dealer outside of town for $500. While the paint is rough, the body is in very fair condition, only a few minor dings in the body from age.

After buying it, the fuel pump expired, and because the mechanical fuel pumps made today are shaped far differently than stock, they don't fit in next to the carb plates, so I had to spend the $60 on an electric pump, and another few bucks for extra wire and fittings (curse those short wires).

That, paired with a new set of plugs and wires, she's running good, with the exception of the occasional problem with the carb coughing from lack of fuel on the freeway.

The only problem we're looking at in the future is the transmission - reverse sounds awful, and first and second make a lot of noise too. If anyone's got any leads on where to find a replacement tranny for the 2.0L timing chain style engine, I can be reached at jm44pitman-at-yahoo.com (it's not like anyone will stumble across this before the trans goes, but it's worth a shot).

5th Jul 2011, 13:10

I own a 1980 Plymouth Golden Arrow 2.6/L 5spd manual, with sunroof sliding back glass, bucket seats, gold stripes on side and golden grille in front. I would love to know how to get some things I need for it?

6th Jul 2011, 15:04

One of the main reasons these little trucks were so good, durable and reliable, is they were actually rebadged Mitsubishis.

19th Jul 2011, 12:46

Sorry for such a delay on a response to your question. I think your issue might be cause by a bad pilot bearing. They are about $25 online. Hope everything works out for you.


29th Mar 2012, 18:13


This has got to be the NICEST 1980 Plymouth Arrow Sport Truck I have ever seen! Just thought I would share, as I was googling the truck after stumbling upon this one.

30th Apr 2012, 16:57

I have a 1979 2.6 ltr Plymouth Arrow Pickup, with a MA904A automatic 3 speed Torqueflite transmission. It uses a Kw 1.2 (9) teeth starter.

I recently pulled my engine and had it rebuilt. The flexplate is damaged and I need to locate one so I can put my truck back together. The torque converter is 10 inch diameter, and has 3 bolt pads. The flexplate has 11 1/4 inch OD, with 3 bolts to the torque converter and 6 bolt pattern to the crank. The oddity is the flexplate that I have has 112 teeth, and not only can I not locate one like it, I can't locate any at all.

One mechanic suggested I try to locate something off a salvage vehicle that matches the starter, flexplate and torque converter. Any suggestions, or does any one have one of these precious jewels they are parting out? Cathi.

2nd May 2012, 20:19

I have a 1981 Plymouth Arrow sport truck with a 3 speed auto. It has 46,000 actual miles and is all original.

13th May 2012, 18:03

They are sweet little trucks. I am vertically challenged, and require a compact vehicle, plus I have severe arthritis, so I can't shift a standard shift. I loved my 84 Mazda that I had until 2006. I replaced it with the 79 Arrow Pickup. The only problem is locating parts.

27th Aug 2012, 22:10

Have: 1980 Plymouth Arrow Truck 2.6L

Need: photos of A/C, mounts, etc.

Have some mounting brackets, but not sure they are the correct ones. Would like to see a pic of an installed A/C on a 2.6 engine.


23rd Sep 2012, 11:22

All the parts your car or truck will ever need, and at unbelievable low prices, are at rockauto.com, where I've been a customer over 8 years.

23rd Oct 2013, 21:40

What's the bolt pattern for a 1980 Plymouth Arrow truck? I know it's 6 lug, but by what, 5.5?

27th Apr 2014, 20:44

How did you fix your electrical problems??? Because I recently acquired an Arrow and stuff's been going out like crazy!!!

11th Jan 2015, 05:31

I bought a 1980 Plymouth Arrow Truck Sport with 79,000 original miles for $750. Now it has 81,000. I live in North America, and it's very hard to find parts for it.

2nd Nov 2016, 17:32

I have a 1980 Arrow Sport that my father in law gave me. I would really love to restore it to original. I have done a lot of work to it already, but am having trouble locating parts. Any resource help would be greatly appreciated...