9th Sep 2006, 10:37

Yeah, a misspell, a 383. Lol I don't know how I missed that. And I just bought it back not too long ago, but how the hell am I supposed to get it started in cold winter mornings? Is a 69 plymouth able to start in cold weather, not to mention any other car with a carburetor? The reason I dumped it was because, like I said, it had trouble starting even with the gas to the floorboards and the choke pulled. A year later I'm in grade 12, my jeep was a peace of trash (although my friend had one and it didn't have as much problems as mine). I guess I got the lemmon. That's why I bought the plymouth back from a friend (more like got it back- I payed 500, a ripoff to him most likely) This plymouth is awesome now, but a question, I doubt Ican, but can I get a cd player in here? And, just for your info, it does have 450000 on it since I used to drive 100-200 miles a day, if it'd start. Plus the guy who had it drove everyday. That was, of course, for 2 weeks, the 200 M a day thing. Now I just hope some kid doesn't come along and steal it..

9th Sep 2006, 17:30

Sure, it has a 12 volt charging system so you can put a CD player in it. You'll have to figure out where to mount it, especially if the radio in it has the "double wheel" dials on either side. There's no modern equivalent that will bolt in there. That leaves the glove compartment, under the dash, or on the drive shaft hump. First question: if this is still a nice car, do you really want to trash it by driving it in the winter? If it's already rusted out, then you might as well, although a 383 Sport Fury still has some value. Carburetors start okay in cold weather, but you have to realize that it is different from fuel injection. You will have to pump the gas a couple of times, which squirts more gas down the carburetor, and also sets the choke flap closed. It will start okay, but you have to let it idle for a couple of minutes to let it warm up. Once the idle speed picks up, then you tap the accelerator to drop it back to a lower idle. Fuel injection is a relatively recent (mid 1980's) invention (well, it was invented decades ago, but only became common on passenger cars in the 1980's), and people have been starting cars with carburetors in winter since the 1910's.

9th Sep 2006, 22:26

The Sport Fury looks exactly like the Roadrunner and GTX?

Either you have NO idea what any of these look like, or you need new glasses!

10th Sep 2006, 18:36

Probably confused Fury with Satellite. But why make a big deal out of it?

10th Sep 2006, 18:44

"Either you have idea what any of these look like, or you need new glasses!"

I love it when people criticize someone else's typos, and their comment has typos in it. So, what year Roadrunner, GTX, and Sport Fury do you own to speak with such authority?

13th Nov 2006, 21:38

Actually the only typos around here are yours.

FYI, I have owned a '70 Roadrunner, but you don't need to have owned both an elephant and a zebra to know that one doesn't look anything like the other.

Well, maybe YOU would...

24th Nov 2006, 20:29

No C body Mopar ever came from the factory with the 426 Hemi. The 318 and 383s were the most common engines among the C bodies. The Sport Fury looks great with the Magnum 500 wheels. I used to own a 69 Sport Fury and these are wonderful, well-performing, and beautiful autos.

25th Nov 2006, 16:48

I just picked one of these up for $500! It has the standard tranny, 383 engine. Gotta love the sound when you put your foot into it, especially on the highway.

Rides a bit rough- but what can I expect?

Starting in the winter is easy, for the above commenter. Mines rusted out so, why not? Anyhow, put the gas to the floor and let it off to engage the choke, then turn her over. If that doesn't work, try holding the gas down a bit after flooring it--it should start, it may sound a bit raggedy at first, but, just wait until it can run on its own and walk into the house, get a cup of coffee, and sit back. Like humans, cars need to warm up.

18th Nov 2007, 00:36

The '69 Sport Fury was my first car. When I took driver's ed, the car we used was a decommissioned '70 Fury police interceptor! The drivers ed instructors must have seen the glassy-eyed looks on our faces, because the next time we went out to drive, we got stuck with a Granada. A Granada! I miss my fury terribly. I miss the ignition switch to the LEFT of the steering column and the console/shifter. most of all, of course, I miss the 383. Ka-RUMP Ka-RUMP! Time to wake up, Mrs. Griffin!