1988 Plymouth Gran Fury 318 from North America


The 318 is its heart


Cannot fault it. Mopar's 318 is less powerful than other V8s, but makes up for it in the reliability stakes. Nothing major; a few tie rods, bulbs and the usual.

General Comments:

I have this old Plymouth a good few years, and it may not be the most economical, but it sure as hell is reliable and trouble free. I had a 89 Caprice before this, and man it was big compared to this, and because of its bigger dimensions, it didn't handle as good as the Plymouth.

Whenever I get rid of it, which I believe will be a long time yet, I will probably get another one, for I seem to be stuck with keeping with 80s square designed cars, and would not like the modern rounded jellybean objects out today.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2011

25th Apr 2011, 18:35

Think you better get your facts right. The 318 can put out 300 bhp with little modifications.

12th Jan 2013, 23:14

What is it that you have to modify to get the 300 horse power?

17th Apr 2014, 07:23

Never mind all that. You should just believe that it now puts out 300 BHP because he put a K&N and a Thrush muffler on it.