7th Jun 2017, 03:22

All you need is a LS swap.

7th Jun 2017, 10:00

You plan on putting a GM motor in this car? You have been making this comment on many posts. What's next, a Saab?

7th Jun 2017, 12:41

Good option, there are a lot of non GM cars that have accomplished this.

7th Jun 2017, 15:59

Ok. We all understand that you have a praise for the LS motor and that is fine. I will also agree that it is a tough, reliable "bulletproof" engine. But seriously? In a Mopar? The logical thing to do in this swap situation is to go to a junk yard and find a late model Ram or Charger that was in a wreck and pull out the 5.7 Hemi and use that.

7th Jun 2017, 19:00

I think it's a sarcastic comment and he's aware. I have LS engines in my GMs and am quick to agree with not sticking this in this Mopar.

7th Jun 2017, 21:35

My LS swap comment was facetious, and my only reference to that engine on this site. The point was that it's not so simple to squeeze 300 horsepower out of the 318; you'd be better off starting from scratch.

8th Jun 2017, 03:35

Saab was owned by GM. Remember?

8th Jun 2017, 05:53

Yet another car that ranges $1000-3000. Then you will have a $10,000 plus car with doing an LS ballpark. Assuming you can get it to work. Am really interested what kind of car you actually own to make this comment?

8th Jun 2017, 09:51

I want to see a Tacoma with an LS engine. Stick a 318 in this review car with a 4 Barrell. Mopar Or No Car.

8th Jun 2017, 13:22

Once again you start up the LS comment warfare, and in the end want to know what everybody else drives. Perhaps you tell us what it is you drive.

8th Jun 2017, 13:43

You will also need to buy a PCM and have it calibrated, sent back matched to the engine you bought. Plus motor mounts if available, transmission driveshaft rear. And have clearances to fab up in the engine bay. Plus labor. Or factor in your own time spent. Still want to do this? Not a low budget job. Why not buy a first or second gen Camaro, Nova, Chevy II, Chevelle if you want to go that direction? Saab in a Saab. Put a Mopar in a Mopar.

8th Jun 2017, 18:12

Corvette. You have the floor now, so what is it? Why do you also keep bringing it up on multiple posts on all types of cars? You are more enamored with this engine that anyone I have ever known. Let's hear about your ride. End the suspense please. It's got to be supercharged.

9th Jun 2017, 12:40

Maserati Biturbo.

9th Jun 2017, 12:43

For the life of me, I can't figure out the point you are trying to make.

9th Jun 2017, 16:42

A Corvette is a good choice. The convertibles work wonders for your health.

9th Jun 2017, 18:53

Why is it so important that you have to know what other people drive when you are the one who started this whole LS fiasco? Like every other Chevy small block, it is a pretty good V8, but knowing what others drive isn't going to make a difference.

9th Jun 2017, 20:58

I made the facetious LS swap comment in this thread. The funny thing is, I'm not the person asking about what others drive, nor am I the Corvette health care guy.

There are too many heads on this hydra.

10th Jun 2017, 01:19

If you are buying an engine based on a faulty recommendation it does. If the "expert" is the installer it does. Doesn't matter if he drives a Honda if the credibility is there. You do not have to own an LS. But you better be up on the engineering doing an install into another car. Especially if you have zero background, just a random opinion. Could be costly to the individual that thinks you are the know all go to guy. Best to do your research fully before sinking in. You could actually be communicating with an adult or a ten year old on here.

10th Jun 2017, 17:52

Glad you indicated the facetious comments. It could be a very costly money pit to someone that took it seriously. Someone new or just starting out. I make what I consider constructive mechanical recommendations only in areas where I have been. I am not an expert, but can see how a restoration can not warrant doing. And having family that owned a full service car repair facility, I didn't follow that path, but a nice learning curve, with some hands on with various cars. The complexity, equipment, insurance, and liability etc, even environmental issues needed today is not a joke. I take people pretty seriously. Especially with money involved.

10th Jun 2017, 21:06

Would a 2.7L pickup engine fit in this Chrysler?