29th Sep 2002, 20:49

My 1996 Plymouth grand Voyager has been a fairly good runner. The changing of plugs on the 3.0 was extremely time consuming! There is a intermittent squeak from the tensioner or idler when the engine is hot. Haven't pinpointed this problem yet! The brakes were a joke! I had to replace the front rotors due to pitting after only 50k miles. The rear drums needed to be turned and the bleeding of the system was dificult due to corrosion. I owned a 1989 Eagle Summit (Mitsubishi product). This car was far more reliable!

24th Nov 2002, 20:42

My 1996 3litre voyager has a couple of problems. The fm on the radio is gone all we have is am, yippee. The front wipers stopped working. No warning, wiper motor works well, fuses keep blowing even with the key out of the ignition.

What's up with that?

24th Feb 2003, 13:23

I have a '96 Plymouth Grand Voyager with just over 100,000 miles. I hope that you don't and never will. The transmission is failing, the water pump had to be replaced, the driver's side window fell down inside the door when I closed (not slammed) the door, the automatic lock doesn't work on the sliding door, the brake pads have been replaced several times, the gear indicator on the console had to be repaired, it burns oil, the cabin smells of gas, etc. etc.. I just can't wait to see my next repair bill! My '91 Ford Escort with 200,000 miles runs better, costs less and may even outlast this thing!

5th Aug 2003, 00:04

My sister had a 1996 Grand Caravan and what a mistake. In about 1 month the air-conditioning quit, the left half-shaft snapped in half, the starter went and had to be replaced and last, but not least the ECM went. That was the last straw. Considering when she bought it last fall the EGR valve was gone and the clockspring needed replacement along with a steering idler arm. She said enough after the ECM and traded it for a 1998 Chevy Venture which is much much better. Also the Dodge got very bad fuel mileage when you could use the air-conditioner.

11th Aug 2003, 13:36

We also experienced most of the same problems with our 96 Plymouth Grand Voyager. We loved it for about 60000 miles. Then all the sudden the water pump went out, the transmission started slipping and eventually had to be replaced. Just seems like one thing after another. We are just about at the point that we can't afford to even get rid of it because we have put so much money into it.

I really loved to drive it, but need a dependable vehicle.

20th Aug 2003, 12:03

My wife and I bought a 1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager 3 years ago when we were blessed with twins, having already had 2 other children.

When we bought it, it had 35,000 miles on it. When we took the car home for a test drive, the serpentine belt broke in the parking lot of a Pep Boys (who put a new one on immediately I might add). That should have been a warning right then... but I will temper that remark with the statement that I really like the vehicle. It’s size is great, it has plenty of power, the layout of the seats and amenities is great, and the flexibility of seating is wonderful.

We've never had the wiper problem. We've never had the transmission problem. Sure, it's been quirky, but it's been pretty solid since we've owned it. Here's the history:

*The driver’s window gets stuck some times. Have to hit the door in the "sweet" spot, much like the Fonz, to get it to work, but it always goes right back up.

*The Radio/CD has lost one of the adjustments (the mid range I think... bass and high are okay)

*The molding and seals are finally falling off.

*The EGR valve went out a few months ago and had to be replaced

*It goes through brakes like a kid through candy.

And now, it has 120,000 miles on it. We've spent a total of less than $1,000 on it for maintenance problems over a period of three years now (not including normal maintenance like brake pads, tune-ups, oil, etc). I've taken a lot of these posts with a grain of salt…seeing how some of the posters are complaining about how there van is dying and it's a peice of crap, then saying that it's "only" got 150k miles on it.

Anyhow...I do have a problem now... the engine is having problems with power. It seems to start losing power after it's been driven long distances. Particularly after interstate driving. It gets a real rough idle, loses power, and almost dies. You can flutter the gas pedal and pull it back to the point that the gas pressure you are giving it is minimal, and the van will recover and go for a bit until it all starts over. You have to increase the pressure on the pedal ever so slightly, so that the speed is built up gradually, as pushing the pedal down will cause the symptoms to come back immediately. Letting the car sit for a few hours seems to help with this problem as well. And it dies at lights. No warning, no method to its madness. Engine stops like I turned the key off.

We replaced the O2 sensor before the Cat based on the engine fault code and so far, that hasn't helped.

Any suggestions?

3rd Sep 2003, 14:16

My 1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager was losing power after long distances and chugging along for awhile, then would pick back up. Did this a few times and just today did it. I pulled over and the engine was on fire. The Fire Dept. came and put it out for me. The motor is toast. Have no idea what caused it. Until now, I had only minor problems. Clock spring went out... and it ate up brake pads. Also an A/C belt that would not quit making noise. I went through several belts over the years and they all made a horrible noise. Well, I guess I don't have to worry about that anymore. But, if your voyager starts not idling right and losing power, have it checked out. Before it burns down.

9th Sep 2003, 12:38

My parents are having the same problem with the '96 Dodge caravan and the '98 Plymouth Voyagers! The transmissions are defective!!! they just went out!!! my email is dorothykowalsky@msn.com and I am going to organize a class action lawsuit or something. I would like to have your name and comments about your van and some contact info. Together we can get our money back for these problems that Chrysler has given us with these faulty transmissions!

13th Jan 2004, 11:31

1996 Grand Voyager with 3.3 engine-- It doesn't get any better! we purchased it used (1 year old) with 100,000 miles on it. Now it has 209,000 on it and has only one little rust spot. The Trans had been replaced before we got it-- other than that-- just the regular maintenance stuff-- Looking for another one! Happy in Mid Michigan.

13th Jan 2004, 14:48

100,000 miles in one year? My god! Who the heck drove that thing?

5th Apr 2004, 19:33

I bought my 1996 Plymouth Voyager brand new... I had the phantom wipers come on for no reason, brake squeak,they told me it was suppose to do that, rotors went bad shortly and brake pads replaced numberous of times... lights flickers on dash occasionally, and serpentine belt squeals, car had acidic smell when A/C was on, but was fairly happy with the vehicle until my warranty ran out at 60,000 miles and all went down hill from there, Had to change serpentine belt 4 times... it constantly squeals, air compressor went out twice... replace evaporator coil, thermostat replaced twice, after these were fixed they air conditioning blew hot air, bad motor that control the door to A/C. Then my car would not start... had it towed 2 different times to dealership for service for the same problem and they could not find a problem each time.

Car stalled while driving... I complained and they finally did some computer adjustment and seem to fix problem. Had new head gasket and oil seals replaced and oxygen sensor went bad. Smoke came out of the power plug/cigarette lighter... grinding rear brakes they still have not figured that one out yet... and just this last week alternator went out, I have a new alternator and serpentine belt in and now the serpentine belt may need to be replace again and new tensioner put in. After the warranty wore off I have spent over $5,000 in repairs. The mentioned are only the major repairs made to the van. Beware... very costly repairs. My van only has 92,000 miles right now.