15th Jul 2004, 22:06

I had a 92 Caravan that would idle rough, and/or sometimes completely quit when the gas pedal was released. A cheap can of throttle body/injector cleaner (the kind that sprays through the throttle body until the entire contents of the can is empty. Spray approximately 4 sec. and wait 20 sec./ Spray 4 sec and wait 20 sec. etc. until the can is empty) cleared the problem. I was amazed. The cleaner cost about $3. at an automotive store or $15 at the dealer. I had previously paid about $160 to have the dealer perform this service. Virtually anyone can do this service with minimal mechanical skills. You'll be amazed!!!

26th Sep 2004, 15:47

I have a grand voyager 1998 with manufacture radio - When I got the car back after a service the radio had been disconnected and showing 'code' - I entered the wrong code and got the WAIT 2HR message - I have found the radio code, but need to know how I can get back to the radio showing CODE again - Does anyone know how to do this - I have disconnect ed the battery, pulled the fuse and replaced, but still no good..

Any ideas anyome???

28th Dec 2005, 12:59

We just purchased a used 96 Plymouth Voyager. We have had it about 1 month and I have been stranded twice with it. We had to have it towed to our home. When we got it home it would start. But while driving it for about 20-30minutes on the highway, it would suddenly start to spit and stall out. If we sat maybe 10-15 minutes it would generally start again. Only to do it again. Seems the fuel was cutting out. Or the oxygen sensor was faulty. Not a reliable vehicle so far..

27th Sep 2010, 14:57

I have a 1996 Grand Voyager SE. The wipers just stopped working while I was driving. The van seems to slow down when going up hill, slow acceleration. I have some clicking sound in the back at the left side tire, right front tire smells like rubber is burning. Can someone tell me what that is? I just got the new rotors and brakes put on.

16th Aug 2016, 23:40

The wiper of my Plymouth Chrysler van 3 liter will start working when the ignition key is off and stops when the key is on. I changed the wiper switch by the steering; no difference.

1st Nov 2017, 18:32

Check the crank sensor.