1987 Plymouth Horizon Hatchback 2.2 Natural Aspiration from North America


It's not eh Suburban I once owned, but just as fun


The back doors don't open from the outside.

The hatch doesn't stay open by itself.

The radio works on one speaker and a tape is jammed in the player, the radio comes on instead of the tape though.

Engine speed hunts occasionally at red lights.

Choke doesn't always come on when it's cold unless you hold the gas pedal for a few seconds.

General Comments:

There are other problems with this car on a list that I made, but seriously for a free car, it's quite the bargain. It belongs to my roommate however so I don't always drive it, but when I can it's quite the pleasure, even for a Horizon. Ugly cars turn my crank.

Has more get up and go for a 2.2 Dodge engine than ones I've driven before and actually passes other cars if you have to. 5 speed transmission is chunky and loud, but its character. Doesn't even burn oil... yet. ;-)

Once I'm out of school and into work, I'd buy one because it's reliable, cheap to run and fun to fix.

Note to young people owning these cars, for the respect of all mankind, DO NOT rice these cars up. They're all American.

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Review Date: 25th December, 2003

27th Dec 2003, 20:03

I had a 1986 Horizon it ran forever, the only thing that really gave any problems was the carb which was a piece of junk. It got close to 200,000 miles on it and I blew the head-gasket-

13th May 2004, 10:31

This one has a rebuilt 2 barrel Holley with a vacuum secondaries. We were told that it was garbage and needed replacing again. Instead of that jazz, I spent a couple hours with a can of carb cleaner and some patience and it's like new. No more speed hunting and it idles almost smooth. About as smooth as a 2.2 will ever get. Blows the doors off 6 cylinder Maxima's, no sweat.

16th Jan 2006, 20:16

Uh, if your 2.2 blows the doors off 6-cylinder Maximas...I'm Mary Poppins.

4th Feb 2007, 17:50

I have yet to see a Horizon that was "riced out"..I'm tempted to find me a GLH and try it! :-P.

1987 Plymouth Horizon 2.2 gas from North America


What you need to get around, just not in style


The hatch does not stay open by itself.

The driver's side front and rear doors have some trouble opening sometimes.

Had to replace the carburetor.

Burns a little bit of oil, but for the year of the car and the miles, it is not too bad.

General Comments:

I drive a 1993 Pontiac Sun bird Convertible and got this little Plymouth simply to use as a winter car. It's a 1987 without a spec of rust, the paint on it has faded and black looks more like Grey.

This car gets you where you need to be, you can trust it and it's great on gas.

It's has lots of room inside considering how small the car is.

This is the perfect car for what I needed it for: To drive around in the city during the winter.

Starts like a charm (if you know how to use a carburetor engine). Really an all around good car, it's not the kind of car you can race with or make it look all sporty, just to use to get to point A, then point B.

It's the same kind of car they had in "Wayne's World", so it's gotta be kinda cool! Just crank up some queen on your two crackling speakers and you can be just like the movie.

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Review Date: 6th September, 2003

13th Nov 2003, 13:10

The car in 'Waynes World' is a Gremlin, not a Horizon or Omni.

13th Nov 2003, 14:32


It's a Pacer!!! If you're gonna correct someone, at least be right YOURSELF!! HAHAHA. Take care guys, if we couldn't have a laugh from time to time, what would be the point of playing with cars? Den.

15th Oct 2007, 12:28

He confused a Pacer with a Gremlin!!! LOL!!!LOL LOL and this guy thought it was a horizon!!! LOL Yep, they came standard with the licorice dispenser too!!!