1987 Plymouth Horizon 2.2 liter standard 4 cylinder. from North America


Excellent first car


When I acquired it from my great-grandmother out of her garage...

The hatchback risers didn't work.

Headliner is begining to come unglued in the back (any suggestions?)

The air conditioner didn't work, I'm going to have it switched from the R-12 A/C system to the newer, cheaper 134 type. But, I'm broke.

General Comments:

It's an awesome first car, and I recomend it to learn on. It's a bit under-powered, but hey, it's 4 wheels that aren't attached to my skateboard.

It's super clean and the inside is literally showroom quality. I have the high-back "sports" seats, and those are really comfortable if you're into sitting lower to the ground like me.

It was worth the $1000, yes, one thousand dollars I (my parents) paid for it. The insurance company goes easy on me, too. No one wants to steal a Horizon.

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Review Date: 4th September, 2003

2nd Jun 2004, 06:08

Update: Hatchback risers now work. Had to shell out $30 for a new set of lifts, but it was worth it.

18th Sep 2004, 02:23

I don't think the hatchback risers work in any of the Plymouth Horizans' or Dodge Omnis' anymore.

19th Nov 2004, 18:05

Update: Still a pimpmobile. Almost has 17,000 miles on it. Headliner is still MIA, but I'm working on that. Figured out how to peel out in it - very fun. I'm thinking about taking out the compressor since the A/C doesn't work to try to get a little more horsepower out of it. Shoot, perhaps I'll take off the muffler too.

1987 Plymouth Horizon America 2.2 litre turbo from North America


Reliable, comfortable and cheap to run


I had to have the carburetor at 165,000 miles. The driver's side door handle had to be replaced due to extreme weather conditions. Other than that, routine maintenance and repairs consistent with mileage have taken care of everything.

General Comments:

I drove this car for 10 years before turning it over to my son. With well over 100000 miles on it, I drove from the mid-Atlantic region to Washington state and back again. The only problems encountered during either trip were the carburetor-rebuild and a few radiator hoses that should have been replaced before I left.

The car has never failed to get me where I want to go and back again, it's comfortable and I consider that I've gotten back the $1500 I paid for it at least three times over.

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Review Date: 7th June, 2002

1987 Plymouth Horizon 4 door 2.2 liter from North America


$200 lump of transportation


Where should I begin..?

These things are what was wrong with it when I got it:

Passenger door was falling off.

Hatchback wouldn't stay open (still doesn't)

Difficulty starting.

Horrible idle speed.

These are the things that are wrong with it now:

Exhaust sounds like a motorcycle.

White replacement door (on my red car) is falling off AGAIN.

Door handles coming off.

Door locks don't work (key won't go in)

Gas pedal all jacked up.

Stereo ruined (my fault)

Ugly car.

Sometimes it dies.

General Comments:

I hate this car. It's generally reliable transportation, but overall it doesn't look nice, girls hate it, and the driver... Handles like a box on wheels. No power. It gets me wherever tho, just not in style.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2002

9th Jul 2003, 19:35

I'm not trying to attack you, but you got the car with 210,000 miles on it. Did you expect it to be in brand new condition? If you think it's ugly why did you buy it? I owned a 89 which was my first car, and although I didn't love it, it got me where I needed to go.

One fun thing you can do that I did, is when your in grocery store parking lots ram any stray shopping carts---just look out for the fuzz before you do. That's best to do at night around 11pm--12pm.

1987 Plymouth Horizon 2.2 I4 from North America


Your typical bomber of a first car


The carburetor severely needed help. I didn't have (or want) to spend the money to fix it. As a result cold weather starting was difficult and the idle was very high.

The car's life ended when the starter motor died.

The exhaust system was also in need of help. I managed to fix it with a coat hanger.

The air conditioner didn't work.

The struts for the rear hatch didn't work.

The rear tail light socket shorted out. I couldn't get a replacement at an auto parts store. I had to go to a salvage yard.

General Comments:

This was my first car. It was a good car to learn how to drive. If I wrecked, who cares, it was a jalopy.

The women loved it also. This car made me very popular.

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Review Date: 30th November, 2001

1st Dec 2001, 21:19

I can relate about the carburetor going on the fritz like it did. My 84 Plymouth has the same problem of rough starts and high idle.

25th Jul 2004, 16:19

My boy owns 1978 Plymouth Horizon and I'm really having a hard time keeping this car on the road.I've been a mechanic for 20 years and this one is really making me go bald..

25th Feb 2007, 08:15

A '78 is becoming quite rare. Hold onto that baby. Bound to worth money some day!

25th Feb 2007, 19:49

Wait, did they make a Plymouth Horizon in 1978??? In the late 1970's, Plymouth was making the Volarè. I don't think they came out with the Horizon until the early to mid 1980's, like 1984. Are you sure you didn't mean a "1987 Horizon"?

2nd Feb 2008, 00:48

I just bought a 1988 Horizon it has a high idle anyone try to fix this problem?