1987 Plymouth Horizon from North America


A piece of crap rust bucket that is extremely reliable and fun


Shifter link broke.

Shifter cable broke.

Transmission blew.

Brake lights went out.

Door handle broke off.

Hatchback risers failed.

Front wheel alignment is severely to the right.

No emergency brake.

Side panels to the bumper broke off.

Tons of rust.

General Comments:

This car is fun to drive and does anything I need it to do.

Getting stuck is fun.

Donuts are great.

Burn outs with this rule.

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Review Date: 12th September, 2001

25th Mar 2005, 23:38

I would like to know how in the world you got it to do a burn out. You must have been on ice or something.

16th Jan 2006, 20:10

I'll second that thought. I couldn't get my '87 Horizon to "burn out" if I were dropped down the side of a building.

20th Mar 2006, 22:49

I totally agree with prior comments as they pertained to chick magnet, burn outs, piece of crap car, etc. My little 5 speed could squeal the tires in the first 3 gears-true! It was a blast to pull up next to some dude in a camaro at a stop light and blow his doors off. Wasn't even a contest. That's why it was a chick magnet, not because it looked like a camaro. Bright red, first new car cost me $7000 out the door for an 84. Very strong engine matched to a 5 speed trans and that did sing, no scream, get outta my way. Fun car!

Can't imagine what owning a GLH would have been like. Hmmm!

1987 Plymouth Horizon 1.7 from North America


A good first car for teens who are overly abusive


Well, the reason I had to get rid of it was because it caught on fire in the school parking lot. It also tended to stall.

General Comments:

This car can take abuse. I paid $300 bucks for mine and it was worth it for a first car. I had driven through the woods on dirt bike trails with it, done like a million 360's. And it still looked like it was new, no rust, no dents nothing. It really took a beating.

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Review Date: 27th February, 2001

2nd Mar 2001, 10:15

I witnessed the car as it burned in the parking lot. It indeed showed no signs of rust whatsoever.

11th May 2001, 09:39

I too witnessed the burning, and let me tell you that car can do one hell-acious doughnut. It's really an amazing car though, I once saw it jump over five school busses and blow up on impact. There will never be another car just like it.

1987 Plymouth Horizon 2.2L from North America


Kick ass first car


Replaced tires from the originals in 1999.

Change oil, air filter, and oil filter every 2500 miles.

At the present I am replacing the timing belt, plug wires, rotary and distributor cap.

Replaced the battery in 1999.

General Comments:

Good car, pain in the ass to work on, nice gas mileage.

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Review Date: 6th January, 2001

28th May 2001, 08:57

The Plymouth Horizons and Dodge Omnis rule. They get great mpg. They are fun to drive and run forever. Chrysler should reintroduce these cars, they would sell like hot cakes because they are very popular on the used car market and on the street. I would know, I owned a few of them and intend on owning more of them.

15th Jul 2006, 20:23

So far, except for a few things, everything I have read today has made me feel a whole lot better about purchasing my 87 Horizon. Though my buddies still laugh at my first car I bought for $300, I guess I can be assured that it won't be so bad after all (as long as I cruise the country roads with my little brother). At least he seems to think it's cool.