1989 Plymouth Horizon 2.2 from North America


Exceptional long term value


Transmission rebuilt under warranty at 110,000 km.

Steering rack replaced around the 200,000 km point.

The door latches and the seat tracks were very troublesome.

General Comments:

Very strong engine.

General reliability was exceptional -it never failed to start.

Had the car from new for 10 years and it was great value with very low maintenance. Great in snow and very good gas mileage. The 2.2 engine proved a strong performer even with 5 on board and going up steep hills.

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Review Date: 16th December, 2005

1989 Plymouth Horizon from North America


Fun way to learn how to drive


The brakes were gone 90%. My sister used the car before and she didn't get it checked out much so it did break down once, but it was something minor. Sometimes I need someone to help me shift it because it gets stuck in park. My windshield wipers go on sometimes when I put the left turn signal on and my horn is also very sensitive. The outside is terrible on the bottom of the doors and the roof is this mysterious rust that is gray and looks moldy. Runs great for not moving it for 2 years!

General Comments:

It is my first car and I think it has given me good experience to drive. My sister donated it to me after she got a new car. It is really rusty and I have to shake the radio to get it to go on. But I gave it some TLC to make it look nice. Soon that rusty roof will have flames. After all it is kind of funny opening the hatchback and using a stick to hold it open. It is a pain to get smells out of... mice decided to live in it for a few months and I was afraid to use the heat. After chlorox, fabreeze, incense, car shampoo, numerous air fresheners including oust, and holy water it still smelled really bad. It took a month of windows open to finally air it out. Overall I do love my little stinker.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2005

6th Jun 2007, 15:22

The turn signal problem, the horn problem, I got that too... matter of fact, I had to disconnect the horn because it stopped working right, as for my radio, I have the same problem, not too much of a problem with rust though.

1989 Plymouth Horizon 2.2L from North America


A great car for someone who wants to save as much money as possible and still have a great time.


Head gasket blew at 101,000.

Engine temp gage is broke.

Transmission grinds going into reverse.

General Comments:

Apart from the repairs to the car (which are really cheap and easy to do) the car runs great.

Interior is in great condition, looks almost brand new.

One of a kind car, rarely ever see another one.

Top was starting to rust so I went and got a new paint job. Looks great now.

Not a lot of room in the rear seats, but it is pretty comfortable up front for the driver and passenger.

Runs great in the snow (I have yet to get it stuck).

Great gas mileage. Average mpg of around 30. A good car for someone who does a lot of driving.

Small tires, which in todays world are pretty difficult to find. But when you find a good set of tires it is usually pretty cheap to get them.

A great car for someone who wants to put in a good sound system. Really easy to take out the interior for wiring and a lot of space to put in some good speakers.

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Review Date: 22nd May, 2005

23rd May 2005, 06:38

Well, 16 year old cars are not that common anyway, especially ones that were not considered worth fixing when they broke...

10th Jul 2005, 17:24

I don't understand why people say "don't bother fixing it" or whatever. If I had a Horizon, I would keep taking care of it until the engine gives up. Better to have a car that will last than a car that won't last for long.