1989 Plymouth Horizon Hatchback 2.2 from North America


Unique, cute and economical


Leaks oil.

Radio is original, and now has a short, but it's hard to get into to replace it.

Tach fluctuates.

General Comments:

Love this little car; the wife wants me to restore it.

In 4 years, have only had one electrical problem, and was able to get it fixed for $220.00.

The car is cute, quiet, comfortable and doesn't shake over 70mph. It used to, but I put on new tires and had them balanced.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2014

22nd Jan 2014, 17:44

These run FOREVER. We bought our '88 Omni for $85 US at an abandoned vehicle auction in 2002. Ice cold A/C and it even had vintage 5-star rims with low-pro tires. Put in a new CV joint and it was good to go. We sold it eventually and I still see it around town on occasion, putting right along. I'm glad to hear your wife likes it, because these cars are so under-appreciated by people concerned with image, that most have been used, abused, and thrown away. Keep us posted!

** Note to Omni and Horizon owners, a slight tap at idle is "normal" for these cars, nothing to be concerned about.

1989 Plymouth Horizon America 2.2 from North America


Very Good


Left headlight bezel is cracked (will get a replacement).

Missing hood emblem (will get a replacement)

General Comments:

This is a great little car! Very fun to drive & cheap on gas - it gets 25 MPG in town & 32 MPG out on the interstate - I wish Chrysler still made cars like this...

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Review Date: 24th December, 2008

1989 Plymouth Horizon 2.2 from North America


In 1989 I thought that this car was junk, my mistake!


Belts will need to be replaced. Very bad paint job (butterflies, rainbows, flowers). Will need a break job soon.

General Comments:

My lady friend loves the paint job :). I'm getting around 32 mpg. The seats rock. It picks up and goes like it is new, and only having 44,000 mile it should. NO RUST at all. The car looks to be new in the interior. Everything works, but the A/C. Runs better than my lady's 2000 chevy.

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Review Date: 29th March, 2006

31st Mar 2006, 12:42

44,000 miles? Was this thing kept in a time capsule? My second car was an '87 Horizon. Had a few problems with it, but overall it was a pretty good car.

31st Mar 2006, 17:08

86 Horizon here pretty decent car. I believe it had around 190,000 miles when I ran it hot and busted the head gasket, but I do remember it had really good pick up for what it was. The a/c never did work right-

17th Sep 2006, 21:59

I love my horizon so much. Even in 2006, I still get looks from the ladies! Seriously though, it's a great car and to get one with such low mileage is rare.

9th Oct 2006, 01:17

Well, I just bought an 89 horizon, a week went by and the head gasket went. Decided to fix it though. Seems like a good car, I guess those 2.2 engines had a couple of head gaskets go though. But it's got good pickup, and pretty comfy seats.

10th Aug 2009, 17:56

I just got a little gem, an 89 Horizon hatchback in Hilo, Hawaii. It wasn't kept in a time capsule, just an old fellow's carport, only 30,750 original miles (rare for Big Isle anymore) oil change stickers, papers etc, I bought it from his uncle in Pahoa for small $$$.

Uncle said it was bearings making front end noises, so I bought a few cheap parts and everything else is pretty cherry otherwise..I had a friend in Fla., his Omni went 290,000 sold it still running I think. I'm looking for info on a brake job for it

6th Jun 2014, 02:01

Have my 1987 Horizon, original 34000 miles. LOVE IT!


3rd May 2016, 23:20

I just bought an '89 with less than 32,000 miles on it. A/C not working and tach fluctuates or doesn't work at all. Runs fine.

22nd Apr 2017, 04:03

Running better than a 2000 GM product is faint praise.