30th Aug 2003, 14:13

It is a tuna can. You wreck your screwed.

30th Jan 2004, 18:15

In reference to the comment that the Plymouth Horizon is not crashworthy - My daughter rolled the 1988 Dodge Omni twin and it held up admirably, leaving all occupants unhurt!

30th Jan 2004, 20:52

Who ever wrote the tuna can comment is full of crap. I live on the prairies and a number of my friends use those old cars as field cars, bouncing them off bails and driving through ditches. They are indestructible. A woman I worked with was in an accident that had her thirty feet into a field. The car was written off, but she was fine and the car was still drivable when they towed it away.

6th Oct 2004, 20:29

Had an 88 Horizon 5 speed-most dependable car I ever owned-always got over 34 mpg. Would still be driving it today if some lady hadn't hit me on Interstate from behind. The poor car rolled 3 times and landed on it's roof. I walked away with a cut ear. Yes -they are sturdy little cars! Incidentally-the engine I sold after wreck-it is still running strong-in another vehicle.

22nd Dec 2008, 06:02

It's a pretty sturdy tuna can! I used to drive a Neon, until a deer totaled it. Now I drive a 1989 Horizon. Had an encounter with a sizeable deer hard enough to put the deer down in the road. Car has a dent, but was otherwise undamaged. It didn't crumple like the Neon. Love the comfortable seats, the 30-mpg savings (esp. now) and the low cost. Bought it on eBay for about $2500 with 14000 original miles. It's now up to 60,000 miles and has never had a serious problem.

27th Aug 2013, 16:50

This is my favorite review. Another one was about Toyota RAV-4 that has got bad score because of a "funny smell" after meatballs rolled under the seat. The owner changed the car, but after a while the new one developed a similar smell. I can't locate that one.