1992 Plymouth Laser RS 2.0 DOHC from North America




The check engine light has been on since I got it, and no one near me seems to have the correct adapter for the car.

The clutch started slipping pretty bad recently.

It has started to slip out of forth gear. Its to the point where I can't even hold it in forth.

Third and fifth have started doing the same.

Some wear and tear in the seats.

General Comments:

Aside from the above mentions problems..

This car is extremely quick.

About 0-35 in first.

Handles corners better with more throttle.

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Review Date: 21st August, 2005

28th Jan 2006, 03:19

Time to replace your clutch, it's not going into gear because your engine won't disengage from the transmission.

28th Jan 2006, 14:56

I think you mean that the other way? If the clutch is worn down and is too thin, the flywheel of the engine is barely contacting the clutch plate. Perhaps the slipping clutch has something to do with your experiments to determine how "fast" it goes in 1st gear.

5th Oct 2006, 11:56

I have a 91 laser with a bad ecm and I don't know what to do about it I bought a new one, but could not get it to work.

1992 Plymouth Laser Base 1.8L from North America


Most reliable car I could have hoped for


Leaky valve cover gasket replaced twice ($50). Rotors have been replaced twice, alternator at 130,000. One timing belt after 150,000, one at 200,000. Almost no repairs before 100,000 miles, and few since then.

General Comments:

216,000 miles and starts every day.

Great gas mileage, very low operating cost.

Very comfy only if you're petite.

Very reliable car in harsh winter climate.

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2004

1992 Plymouth Laser RS AWD 2.0 turbo gas from North America


Avoid This Car!


Had to replace all four struts.

Turbo slowly lost boost (gaskets, etc.) but I never fixed this.

Ball ends needed replacing.

The wheel hardware became rusty and had terrible tolerances (cheap cheap cheap).

The wheels were impossible to clean with all the small openings and rough surface finishes.

Rear brake calipers and all four rotors.

So many rattles, loose hardware and worn cosmetics on the interior and exterior it pains me to recall them all.

In general, body and interior quality and reliability were all poor.

General Comments:

This is nearly the same car as the Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX that I owned just prior to this car.

Every thing that is different on this car (compared to the Eclipse) is trash. Pure 100% trash. Plymouth should be sued for having done this to the excellent turbo all wheel drive Eclipse!

I liked the turquoise color, black top and bright cloth interior.

Be warned, state mandated pollution dynamometer test technicians are ignorant of this car being all wheel drive. They refused to treat it as such (it needs rollers under all four wheels) so I demanded they take their hands off my car. If I would not have noticed this, they would have destroyed the visco-coupling to the rear wheels at a cost of $3k or more.

The Plymouth dealers knew nothing about this car and had no records for replacement parts. I bought parts at the Mitsubishi dealer as if it were an Eclipse.

Do not buy this car and if you own one, sell it and buy an Eclipse or you will watch it rattle and corrode itself into a pile of rubbish.

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Review Date: 12th November, 2004

12th Nov 2004, 13:30

This reviewer seems to be unaware that the Laser, Eclipse and Talon were ALL built by Mitsubishi. All Chrysler did was put their brand name on the cars and sell them through their dealers.

How could an Eclipse be so much better than a Laser when they were both built in same factory and are basically the same car? How else do you think you could have used Eclipse parts on your car?

Although I do agree about the Chrysler dealers being clueless about parts for Mitsubishi-sourced products, as I found out when attempting to find parts for a Dodge Raider.

I was much more successful going to the Mitsubishi dealer and asking for parts for a Montero (which is what the Raider was, just with Dodge nameplate).

14th Jan 2009, 11:15

I bought a 1992 Laser RS turbo AWD 5 speed back in August 08 for my first car. Yeah it was fast, and I drove her a little hard. But the car sat for a year before that, so you usually expect for the normal things to be changed.

So far I had all new brakes, rotors, alternator, battery, radiator, and struts around. I'm having the engine rebuilt this winter and putting a bigger turbo on it.

The car was originally red, but I'm painting it navy blue. The only major problem I had with my car so far was one the turbo coolant lines rotted off.

And saying that an Eclipse is better than laser, "GET A GRIP BUDDY" they are the same car. Laser, ECLIPSE, and Talon are the same.

8th Jan 2011, 17:05

"Buy an Eclipse instead of a Laser" They are the same car. Same part numbers. Built in the same factory in Normal Illinois. Only differences are cosmetic; purely cosmetic. Front bumper, rear bumper, rear spoiler. If you hated the Laser, you will hate the Eclipse, and you will hate the Eagle Talon.