11th Jun 2005, 13:48

Well maybe if its overheating it's a coolant issue that needs to be addressed and you shouldn't be driving it.

11th Jul 2005, 08:17

My brakes squeal when wet too! its because the factory brand pads are cheap cheap cheap!!

19th Oct 2005, 15:08

I have the perfect solution to all your problems. Clean the car up and sell it for what you can or send it to the junkyard. Stop trying to fix it since it was poorly designed and built from the start. Every single person that I know that has had one suffered the same problems (x-girlfriend had a 96 Neon expresso). Neons have never ending problems, and I gained a lot of experience from working on them since my girlfriend could no longer afford to pay someone to fix the car for her. Countless nights and an entire winter break I spent fixing that car, only to let her down again, and I'm an experienced mechanic. Don't buy into the bs from other expresso owners that its worth fixing, because the majority of the 95 to 2000 Neons are defective.

I had a certain other car which I will not mention that had all the same problems too. It leaked oil from the headgasket, fixed that then overheated (head warped), blew a piston ring, blew the main seal, and emptied my wallet. So I cleaned the car up, and promptly sold it for what I could.

If you want a car that's reliable instead of a piece of garbage, buy an older GM car or a Ford. There are also plenty of Toyotas and Hondas out there that won't give you any guff too. Believe me its nice when you don't have to worry about your car, or spend every other day at your local parts store.

9th Apr 2006, 14:04

I have a 95 Dodge Neon and it used to have a little overheating problems and we picked up the fan relay from Auto zone and fixed it. The Neon now has 200,000 and still going strong.

17th Apr 2006, 22:22

I have a dodge neon 1995.

It has 110.000 miles in it. I bought it reconstructed 5 years ago for 3000 $ and it had 57.000 miles.

Well the car is poorly designed. I had the overheating problem once, but it only cost me 25$ to fix it. There is a huge fuse in the engine that makes the vent work. I just needed to change it.

For the oil leaking issue, I was fighting it for 5 years.

I now use a 20W50 oil that is pretty thick. The car still leaks, but it retains oil longer than the 5w2o they use when you change your oil.

I recently changed the coil, radiator and engine starter. it cost me 800 dollars for that. If someone would buy it for 500 or even 400 hundreds, I will be more than glad

Now I am thinking about giving it to charity or just sell it to a junkyard.