1997 Plymouth Neon Expresso 2.4 from North America


Rotten rotten costly costly chunk of metal


Odometer cable out 1 week after purchase.

Serious knocks not long after.

Racket Pinion steering went out while driving with the kids inside - went all over a 3 lane road and back hitting both sides.

Head gasket out now at 78000 and water is in oil.

Brakes squeal like a tortured cat when starting out no matter what you do to resolve the matter.

General Comments:

Horrible piece of mechanical and engineering work. Unsafe and a rotten buy. if you like your money do not waste it on this (I hesitate to call it a car). Plymouth should be ashamed they haven't recalled and reimbursed every buyer for both new and used...

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2004

7th May 2005, 19:09

I have a 1997 Neon, and I have problems with the brakes squealing also.

1997 Plymouth Neon from North America


This car is crap!


The car overheats all the time, to the point where I would have to pull over and let it cool for maybe a half hour.

Leaks oil very badly. I can't even get the oil changed because after a weak there is not oil in it. I put about a quart in every 2 weeks.

Brakes squeak horribly in rain and the first couple times you brake every time you start it.

Air conditioning blows hot air.

It has trouble starting. I have to continuously turn the key and pump the gas.

Not a smooth ride at all, especially when you first start the car it feels like it's going to fall apart.

I bought the car at about 60,000 miles and problems started the first week I had it, overheating especially.

Right now it's at about 83,000 miles and in the past month its stalled numerous times and overheated so much I had to leave the car and come pick it up the next day. After cooling all night, the car overheated the instant I started it the next day, and then stalled and has never started since.

General Comments:

While owning this car I prayed for it to blow up or get into an accident so that my insurance would get me a new one. I now understand why people want to commit insurance fraud.

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Review Date: 21st September, 2004

22nd Sep 2004, 16:24

Well if its like most of our Neons its the freakin head gasket.. good luck.

23rd Feb 2005, 15:15

It is the fan relay sensor. It's a little block sensor located under the battery box. Parts stores will tell you it's only available from the dealer. I went to the junk yard and found a totaled 96 with 7,000 miles and bought the relay out of it for $5. Of course about 100 miles later my oil pan gasket went out and the engine blew!!!

1997 Plymouth Neon Expresso 2.0L 4 cylinder from North America


You get what you pay for


Fog Lights Inoperative.

Reverse Lights Inoperative.

4 of 6 speakers inoperative.

Fuel pump went 3 times.

Trunk leaked.

Brakes & power steering noisy.

Loud pinging sound when car is warm.

General Comments:

The car itself performed very well, with tight steering and OK fuel economy. I also found the inside comfortable, though loud & noisy, with creaks everywhere.

I didn't pay much for the car, and I guess there is a reason for this. My neighbor sold me a lemon, because of the fuel pump problem. I was stranded 3 different times in a 5 week period. It's a shame, because I did like the car overall, and would have kept it, but the fiance' said no. Plus, the deal on our new Camry was too good to pass up.

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Review Date: 17th August, 2004

1997 Plymouth Neon Expresso 2.0L DOHC from North America


Great performance for a good price


The head-gasket started to leak at 85,000 Km.

The fan module failed at 175,000Km. (the Voyager fan module works & costs half the price of the Neon module).

The backup light switch has failed 3 times.

General Comments:

The handling and power are very good for the price.

For snow & rain I find Yokohama Avid Touring tires superior to the factory Eagle GA tires and they cost less.

It's a bit of a squeeze for me (6'1").

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Review Date: 6th July, 2004

6th Jul 2004, 23:08

Sorry to say, but Neons are SLOW not to be mean, but I recently raced one with my 91 Acura Legend and I blew it out of the water and my car is a Stock Automatic!!

12th Dec 2009, 19:13

I realize this is an old comment, however, may I add that this person most likely had a V6. Add also, for the size and class of car the Neon is in, it is quick. I own one, mine is completely stock, automatic, SOHC. It jumps up to 60 MPH with no trouble at all, about 9 seconds. Not bad for a 15 year old car with only 132 HP.