1997 Plymouth Neon Base 2.0L SOHC from North America


One of the best cars I have owned!


Head gasket replaced.

Typical maintenance issues.

Heater core replaced at about 200,000 miles.

Two brake jobs spanning the life of the vehicle.

Three batteries, one clutch, etc.

Drive belts for alternator/power steering.

Transmission at 225,000 miles.

Lower control arm bushings at 330,000 miles, and struts replaced at high mileage around 285,000 miles.

Fuel pump replaced at 158,000 miles.

General Comments:

Overall, this 1997 Neon has been a great car. I drive it very hard, get very good gas mileage, and for what has needed to be repaired, I have no complaints, as it is a machine, and machines can need repair.

The head gasket was repaired maybe about 158,000 miles, but that is typical of the design of the engine/gasket, and it has not given me any issues since then.

The car has had some performance modifications done to it, it drives well, is a bit faster than some cars in its class, gets great gas mileage (if I drive it easy, I get almost 40 miles to the gallon), and for the cost of what normal repairs have had to be done, I consider it one of the best cars I have ever owned.

I purchased the car new, and if they made this car now, I would gladly buy another one.

In general, I am beyond just happy with this car. I wish they would make them now.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2011

28th Nov 2011, 17:08

I find this review a bit a hard to believe. First of all, a Neon (and one that is "driven hard" according to the reviewer) going 355,000 miles? Maybe if it was flat-towed behind a motorhome most of the time, but certainly not under its own power.

Second of all, you traded in a Porsche for a Neon? Seriously? I'm not saying the review is completely bogus, but some parts of it seem a bit far-fetched.

29th Nov 2011, 19:03

Some years back I was asked by a handicapped friend who had to have a very reliable car for a recommendation. I naturally recommended Ford first, as they are, and were, the most reliable cars made, then and now. Since he lived very near a Dodge dealership, he asked about a Neon. Since I had just sold a Dodge with just under a quarter million miles on it with never a problem, I told him to go for it. He bought the Neon and drove it well over 100,000 miles with not a single problem.

He recently traded the Neon for another Dodge (a 2011 Avenger), based on his great service from the Neon and the almost 40mpg fuel mileage.

Dodge builds extremely reliable cars and trucks. A co-worker of mine put 410,000 miles on one, and another has been driving the same Dodge Ram truck for an incredible 28 years. There are a lot of urban myths about Chrysler products being unreliable. These are just that... myths. They are very reliable, and 300,000 miles out of one is not uncommon at all.

1997 Plymouth Neon from North America


Great little work/runabout car


Nothing really except for a brace that rattled under the back of the car.

Replaced front brakes.

One headlight rubber became a little loose... fixed it with some rubber glue.

A little slow coming up hills because of a slight first gear linkage problem.

It's an old car you expect little problems.

General Comments:

Bought the car while my big Concorde was in the shop, and gave it to my teenage daughter.

She loves her little Neon (her first car) and named her Missy.

The car is very very reliable, and gets my daughter to work everyday.

Very comfortable little four door I must say.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2010

1997 Plymouth Neon 2.0 DOHC from North America


Sporty little 4 door


There are only a few things that have gone wrong with the car. The previous owner did not take care of the car very well and the clear coat on the paint is wearing off. The sound system was also in poor condition and had to be replaced.

General Comments:

I work on this car a lot and it is very fast. It handles very nicely through turns and it accelerates from 0-60 in a little under 6 seconds. This car is also very comfortable. I could just fall asleep on the seats.

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Review Date: 29th August, 2009