1st Mar 2001, 15:25

That is happening all the time. ALL the paint came off of mine and Chrysler had the nerve to say it was something I did. If you take them to the small claims court you WILL get your money back. This is not an isolated incident.

12th Jul 2001, 17:23

If you call the Chrysler 1-800 number they will take down your complaint about the paint peels... remember to be specific on how many spaces and size of peel. Then go to your chrysler dealer with the report number you are given they will look it over and give their headquarters a call. In my case my warranty was well out of date, but the dealer worked with me and repainted the entire car for a very small fee. Good luck, no more Neon's for me!

6th Apr 2003, 22:06

I have a 1996 Neon and it has been a good car, but the paint is (of course) peeling off, and the head gasket has been replaced three times! It seems like theses cars have similar problems. Now I am having trouble with my fuel pump, but the car does have a lot of miles on it. The aggravating thing about my car is the lack of help from the dealership about the peeling paint. Over Two years ago, when the paint first starting peeling I took it to the dealership and they told me it had "too many miles" on it. I asked what miles had to do with paint -- the car was only 4 years old at the time! They didn't seem to want to help, so now I drive a relatively cute car with half its paint! Nice! I have seen probably 20 or more neons with peeling paint -- you would think Dodge would do something about it! I guess they don't want to make repeat customers out of their Neon owners! I won't buy another one!

4th May 2003, 19:16

We own a 1996 Neon. The head Gasket has been replaced twice. The paint has peeled off in large flakes on over 25% of the car.

There are so many of us who have the same problem. We need to all get together and make Chrysler pay!

9th Jun 2003, 11:12

I have a 1996 neon sport. I have replaced the rear seal twice the main seal twice, the blower fan, the oxygen sensor twice. Also all the electric chip went and the AC. All that within the first 60,000miles. Neons are a disaster.

14th Oct 2004, 11:07

Hello, I just purchased a 1996 Plymouth Neon Highline. I love this car. I got a great deal on it and it runs great, but again, like others have been saying, the paint is chipped off in big, circular spots, especially right above the windshield area, on the front of the roof.

I have only purchased this automobile about 3 weeks ago. I have great expectations on customizing it so it turns heads.

By the way, The color of my Neon is the Prettiest blue you've ever seen. I also agree tho, that Dodge/Plymouth Corp. really should take a more serious look at the paint issues and possibly compensate for something that is obviously a Production Problem, rather than normal wear and tare. Even with this problem, I still intend on having the best looking Neon in town. Thanks!!!

20th Dec 2004, 12:25

I bought a 1996 Dodge Neon and so far have had no major problems, however the paint has completely peeled off the entire roof of the car and the back. It looks horrible, and I agree, Dodge owners should be compensated for this problem. I would settle for a new paint job.