1996 Plymouth Neon 2D Base 2.0 from North America


Ran great 14 years ago, runs good today


Developed an oil leak from somewhere around the pan.

Clear coat gone in some spots.

Speedometer and odometer cut out.

General Comments:

Drove it as everyday transportation for 14 years. Unbelievably dependable. Sold it with the original brakes and clutch, at 115k miles. Probably put less than $1000 in maintenance costs throughout the life of the car.

Surprisingly quick, steering was a little sluggish compared to new cars, but a great car for a younger person in school. Cheap to maintain, great gas mileage, and fun to drive.

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Review Date: 15th February, 2010

23rd Mar 2010, 00:33

As long as you maintain your car, you will have a great Neon. Mine is 11 years old, and is still the best car running.

23rd Mar 2010, 14:48

My Neon is 15 years old. Always maintained and only has 88,000 miles. Have replaced the transmission, head gasket, starter, alternator, struts and power steering rack. The crankshaft bearings and wrist pins are now failing. Can't wait to get rid of it.

1996 Plymouth Neon from North America


Piece of crap!


At 68k the converter went ($350 fix).

At 68.5k the entire front end went ($800 fix).

At 68.75k it had some trans problems (minor - $280 fix).

At 69k the entire interior electric system went. (IF I fix the problem it'll be about $1k)

At 70k those trans problems are coming back! (probably be over $1k)

Only 11-13 MPG city! Utter piece of crap! (Has had full tune-up etc and this is the BEST it gets!)

General Comments:

Utter piece of crap! Do NOT buy this car! I bought it for $350 thinking it was a deal (no blowing smoke, etc.) and then the sh*t hits the fan! Do NOT buy this car, keep walking if you think it's a deal...

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Review Date: 27th August, 2009

27th Aug 2009, 12:15

You've learned the lesson that what's cheap is actually expensive. Many of us have learned that one.

16th Sep 2009, 20:45

Of course any car that you buy for $350 probably has something wrong with it. Even if you spent 1000 a car may have something wrong with it. If someone sold a car for that price and it truly had nothing wrong with it, that would be basically giving the car away.

17th Sep 2009, 16:21

I have a '95 Neon. It's not that bad. Has it been perfect? No. But it has NEVER left me stranded. I paid a $1,000 for it and so far I've replaced the shocks, the alternator, and the power steering rack. I'm a mechanic so I guess it's not such a big deal for me. Overall, I really like my Neon.

1996 Plymouth Neon from North America


It is a nice little car


I had any problems except the gauges and speedometer would occasionally quit working; a rap on the instrumentation console would fix this.

Nothing major till a week ago it died. Was in the process of removing the crankshaft sensor till it broke off. Car shakes a lot.

General Comments:

I have really nothing to say negative about this car. When cars get a lot of miles, they start breaking down.

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Review Date: 21st August, 2009

21st Aug 2009, 18:18

How come you don't tell us how many miles your Neon had? I'd like to know.

I own a '95 Plymouth Neon myself. It's given me some issues, but for the most part has been fairly reliable. It's never left me stranded.

I replaced the head gasket once, and the previous owner had replaced the transmission.

Right now it's running beautifully at 82,400 miles. I've been regularly getting 38 MPG. This is achieved by basic maintenance. I change my oil every 2,000 miles, change my fuel filter every 30,000 as well as my transmission fluid. The spark plugs and wires are changed every 50,000.

I'm pretty happy with it actually, while it has had some issues that really discouraged me a bit (power steering rack going at 80,000 miles, A/C Compressor is starting to die along with the alternator.) Considering the previous owner did not take very good care of it, and the fact that it's nearly 15 years old, I think it's done really well. I intend to keep it throughout highschool (yes, I am a highschool student, majoring in automotive technology, and yes it is a tech school) and then sell it when I leave for college. I'll buy a lightly used Honda or Toyota for college and beyond.