1996 Plymouth Neon from North America


A cute, fun car that's expensive to love!


Within the first year of owning this car, my clutch cable broke suddenly while coming to a Stop sign. (Of course the dealer said this was not covered under warranty.)

A few months after that, my brakes began squealing, then grinding, so I had to replace the rotors and everything.

There was a hit-and-run on my passenger side and I had to have the entire side redone. In less than a year the paint began peeling, and the Plymouth/Dodge dealership that had made the repairs said there was nothing they could do about it. (This is more of a dealership problem than car problem, but still relevant.)

My head gasket blew, of course.

I have had continuous oil leaks since I bought the car. From where? Who knows, since no-one can find it. (The plus side is that I have kept the kitty-litter companies in business because of this.)

The driver side visor clip broke.

The driver seat began fraying, then completely tore at the door-side seam.

I recently had to replace my timing belt, which is situated so that I could not do it myself without a "special tool", so I paid roughly $600 for someone to do it for me.

My stereo face plate flickers at times.

The headlights flicker when the cooling fan comes on.

General Comments:

I loved my car from the moment I saw it in the lot. It was sleek and sparkling blue. It was fast and great on gas! I got nearly 40 miles per gallon highway.

However, once things started going wrong with it, the problems just kept on coming. I have put over $1000 dollars into my car in the past year, and was unable to drive it for about 6 months until I did all these repairs.

I am medium height, and this is the most comfortable car I have ever driven. It is a little cramped for my 6-foot-tall hubby, though.

The backseat has enough room for three car seats, and I love that the trunk is accessible from the back seat.

We're coming up on 100,000 miles soon, and I half expect it to explode when it turns over.

It's running now, but is more like a frail, weak old lady than the supple, energetic cheerleader that it was.

It putters like the Jetson's car, but I still love it. I'll probably baby it until it dies of old age.

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Review Date: 27th February, 2003

22nd Mar 2010, 11:49

Either way, a lot of that's electrical. A lot of people driving Neons think they're race cars, when really it's only a Neon; that's what the SRT4 is made for.

They're good cars if taken care of. I'm replacing a lot on mine, and have, but it comes with any car. Every car has recalls; just gotta work with it and take care of it.

1996 Plymouth Neon Highline from North America


A piece of junk


Engine problems the first week I bought the vehicle. It was a defect and the Dodge dealership fixed it.

All of the electrical system, in the dashboard went out at 45,000. It was expensive to fix; had to get an entire new system.

The paint is peeling and bubbling horribly. To get a new paint job costs more than the car is worth.

General Comments:

This car is not worth anyone's money. I'm very upset it's resale value is pretty much nothing. It has caused me too many problems and stress. It costs more to fix the problems than the car is worth. My current problem is the peeling and bubbling of the paint; it's horrible.

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Review Date: 3rd February, 2003

1996 Plymouth Neon Highline SOHC 4 Cylinder from North America


Not very reliable!


The head gasket has been replaced 3 times. The first was at 36,000 miles, which was 1000 miles over the warranty limit.

Chrysler was contacted by the dealer and by me. We were both told that there was nothing that they would do.

There was a problem with the air conditioning compressor right from the beginning and it finally was replaced, after several times in for service, at 75,000.

General Comments:

I was told by the dealer that Chrysler has redesigned head gaskets, however they still not ship them until the old stock is gone.

I will not purchase another vehicle from the Chrysler Corporation again.

I will miss the service shop. They are a good crew.

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Review Date: 23rd December, 2002