12th Jan 2006, 08:04

I don't drive a Honda, but it would be safe to say that there are a hell of a lot more Honda drivers who really like their cars than there are Reliant drivers.

21st Mar 2006, 00:30

People have a false sense of security with any Japanese car.

I have had them and trust me, the Reliant is far superior to any Honda or other Japanese import. If people like them better, great for them.

22nd Aug 2006, 20:37

So trade your prelude in on a k-car already. You should have no problem finding a dealer who would do an even swap.

15th Mar 2011, 22:42

Okay... You have convinced me! I will be buying one tomorrow with 92k on it... Hopefully it is still there!

16th Mar 2011, 17:44

Chrysler has built, and is building some awesome cars. Some years back I bought a "beater" to drive to the university, so I wouldn't have to subject my good cars to the vandalism and theft that was so prevalent on campus. I bought a 1-owner 1990 Dodge Omni from my best friend. I knew the car's history very thoroughly, and knew that although he horribly abused and neglected it, he had never had a single problem with it. I bought the car with 180,000+ miles on it, and drove it to just under a quarter of a million miles before selling it for exactly what I bought it for. It still used not a drop of oil, had required only a timing belt, heater hose and brakes and still had cold A/C with never any freon added. It lasted longer than any of our imports.

11th Jul 2016, 11:58

"...the Reliant is far superior to any Honda or other Japanese import."

Wasn't true ten years ago, and today... LOL.

11th Jul 2016, 16:02

Actually comparably to the many issues today with Toyota and Honda, it's worthy of consideration for long term reliability. Some cars get discontinued over aesthetics and dated design. The drivetrains are fantastic. The slant 6 was a bulletproof drivetrain going back even further in time.

11th Jul 2016, 20:38

A Reliant with a slant six?

12th Jul 2016, 09:15

No, the earlier ones we had were extremely reliable with the slant 6. Read again. There were many reliable Mopars that would last for decades. The Reliant had a great engine as well. Not a beautiful car and it looked dated. But based on some of the current cars, it's not any worse on actual styling. Some styling today is dated and long overdue for facelifts.

We have the option of having company cars or buying our own with an allowance. And still have a gas card. One of our salesman had this car. Purchased new. He was actually making money retaining this car. Roomy with a nice trunk for equipment. I went through 2 cars and he was still driving this. I never heard any significant complaints on it. Since I did not own any of mine for decades, I have zero bias or need to defend. Most cars are fine when they are new. The biggest plus for me was Enterprise. If a car needed service, I rent from them. But it's still a pain transferring all the equipment in a vehicle to see customers. This model goes back a while. But I remember seeing it for meetings etc for quite a while. It was a good one. Manufacturers do drop models for fresh appeal to buyers. I suspect this is a good example of that.