2003 Pontiac Aztek from North America


I wish I had researched more before purchasing another GM car!


We just purchased a 2003 Aztek used after having our 1998 Pontiac transport Montana van blow a head gasket and then we were told the whole engine needed to be replaced. We went with a newer Pontiac because we ran our van pretty hard. We took it cross country twice then the air conditioner compressor went out at 60,000. We chose not to spend the money and get it fixed. The water pump went out at 90,000 then at 102,000 the whole engine. It started with coolant leaks then a blown head gasket, then a valve in the oil pump was stuck and built up oil pressure and blew the gaskets, and the engine. Our Aztek, we have had for 3 weeks and had to bought it used. It is leaking coolant in the intake manifold and because it is a used car I believe the car lot is not fixing the problem. I have a 3,000 mile warranty on it, but I am going to purchase a much higher one so I will be covered. I thought our transport was just a fluke then I discovered this website. I am very angry with GM and believe they need to make this right!

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Review Date: 29th January, 2007

2003 Pontiac Aztek AWD 3.4 from North America


Versatile, but not reliable.


Squeaky brakes as we drove out of the dealership: 4 of 4 rotors/pads replaced before 36000 miles looking for the squeaks.

3 power steering pumps.

Coolant leak: check of head gasket for damage.

Suspension noises: front shock was bad causing pulling to one side. Still had a noise after replacement.

Rear air ride would not deflate: replaced pump.

Head light assembly w/wires replaced because faulty.

Wire harness for trailer tow replaced (before ever being used).

3 wheel bearings replaced and the right front is going bad again.

Noises in the fan/air conditioner: replaced 2 air conditioner units.

Rear latch would not open when buttons were pushed.

Rear Pontiac emblem turned pink (not replaced yet).

Numerous (7+) emissions codes being set off.

Thank God for the extended warranty we bought for over $2000, it has paid for itself 2+ times! Everyone laughed who found out we had bought it, but it has saved us from paying a large car payment without having the vehicle because we couldn't have afforded the repairs, and it would have been unsafe to drive at numerous times.

Note: this vehicle has never been in a wreck or fender-bender, we bought it new and ordered it special. Thanks, SF.

General Comments:

We bought 2 Azteks, one in 2001, which was a program car with 6000 miles (traded at 40000 miles), and we specially ordered one in 2003, which has 55000 miles now. We had problems with the 2001, but gave Pontiac another chance thinking the bugs were worked out.

We like the versatility of the car, the rear organizer/storage compartment is great, built in cooler is great with kids. I like the look and room inside.

It's not the best handling or riding car. It shifts hard, especially when first accelerating. Noisy while riding from the road.

Seats are not comfortable for long trips.

And every time I bring it in for a service (20+ times) there is at least one other Aztek in for service at the same time. Maybe that dealer sold a lot of them?

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Review Date: 15th July, 2006

2003 Pontiac Aztek 1SB 3.4 V6 from North America


The most unique and most enjoyable ride I have ever owned


BCM and SDM both replaced at 28,000 miles.

General Comments:

I love the fact that I have a SRV that is unique, roomy, and customized to my liking. Visit our website at www.aztekfanclub.com and tell them that 97drexelgrad sent you.

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Review Date: 12th February, 2006

2003 Pontiac Aztek FWD 3.4L from North America


Tremendous value, great ride


Not one thing has gone wrong with this vehicle.

General Comments:

This vehicle is an absolute pleasure to drive. Excellent handling, smooth ride, great engine performance. The interior is cavernous and capable of carrying as much as some minivans. Comfortable seating, great road visibility, the vehicle sits high on the road. I can't believe that more of these aren't on the road. The Aztek is an incredible value for the $$. I guess people don't feel too comfortable thinking outside of the box.

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Review Date: 18th January, 2005

29th Mar 2006, 15:40

I agree, Granted I have only had my Aztek a short time, I bought mine used and fell in love with the car almost immediately. I have had nothing, but wonderful things to say about mine. Some people have bad luck with cars, and that is too bad, but I am grateful that I have had no problems and I absolutely love my Aztek and really wish I would have bought one sooner...