2003 Pontiac Aztek awd 3.4 from North America


Good value foe AWD and a few other options


Where do I begin??? The biggest problem I have had so far is that I have to have the pistons replaced. I heard it knocking on cold start ups and the dealership told me it was the pistons. It makes a rubbing noise... like metal to metal... dealership told me it was the noise of the exhaust... not convinced. It has happened three time so far that while the car is running and in park, I go to shift into drive and it won't shift. You have to turn the car off and then back on and it resets itself. Then in the past two weeks (this has happened twice) I put the car in park and turn it off. I will be walking into the house and the car rolls about an inch or two. I know when you park the vehicle there is a little bit of play, but this is more than that little bit. I haven't discussed this with the dealership yet, but I need an oil change in a couple of weeks so I will do it then.

General Comments:

I love it, but its very discouraging when you buy something brand new and it has more problems than the very first beater I ever had. Definitely lots of room. I have the tent package so I camp in it a lot in the summertime. Love the all wheel drive in the snow. I couldn't ask for a better 4 wheel drive vehicle. Could use more power, but its good enough.

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Review Date: 15th January, 2004

16th Jan 2004, 18:17

In terms of your car rolling after you put it in park...

I think it is the nature of the transmission. I always set the emergency brake to avoid it. It is especially important on sloped streets otherwise it will be difficult to get your car out of Park after starting.

12th Jun 2004, 10:14

I had the same problem with the "not shifting" out of park. The "safety" plunger in the shifter handle was bad on mine (at about 30,000). Dealer had to order it, but it seems to have solved the problem.