18th Oct 2003, 15:54

I had the same problem with my 2001 2wd Aztek. In August 2003 I had to bring it to dealer twice to fix the Air condition clutch, The first time they replaced the (BCM) body control module that fixed the problem. However within 2 weeks I loss the AC, this time they had to replace the condenser to correct the problem.

I had the taillight lens replaced under warranty, had the BCM replaced three time due to malfunctions in the remote door locks, alarm, (DIC) driver info center. Had to replace the dash cluster all function lights came on and stayed on. Had the roof rack replaced due to rusted clips that hold the bars to the roof track, also have loud noise in engine on cold start-up. GM said it was normal. Had to have the rotors resurfaced twice due to pulsation in the brakes, now the rotors are to thin to resurface again, they will have to be replaced with less than 44000KM. Had to replace right tie rod end. Anyone with those problem please respond.

20th Nov 2003, 23:29

I also have a 2001 Pontiac Aztec. In 2002, I went in for emissions testing, and couldn't be tested due to a malfunctioning check engine light. Dealer reset the car's computer and it took 5 more trips to testing center for car to have enough information to be tested. This was extremely inconvienent. In spring of 2003, my A/C went out. Went to private garage to have fixed as vehicle was over mileage warranty, and was told mine was one of several (10-15) in the area with same problem. Went to dealer to purchase new A/C unit, and they were fully aware of problem. I personally replaced the A/C unit which cost $600.00. Meanwhile, doors became unaligned, chipping paint where door was hitting the hinge. Took six weeks to repair, but was covered under warranty. When I initially took car in for problem, dealer didn't even look at car. Knew exactly what was wrong. Even though the door hinges were replaced, I am now experiencing the same problems again. Also, at time of door hinge replacement, a safety recall was performed on rear doors. They only open half the time, trapping my passengers in car. Also, rear hatch has failed to fully unlatch since day one, sometimes resulting in several trips to car dash to repeatedly hit hatch latch button. Anyone experiencing similar problems please comment.

21st Dec 2003, 09:33

Problems with 01 Aztek GT (so far) : A/C unit has had problems for some time. While under warranty, dealer said they replaced a seal or something. Within a few days, it was blowing cold air only sporadically. Complained a few more times. Said they couldn't find a problem. (By then, out of warranty!) May 03 they said a rodent had chewed a wire in two! Supposedly fixed. Same thing... few days later, same problems. This time they said we must have run over a stick and punched a hole in the condenser! Cost of part? $400. We still haven't replaced it.

The tail gate lift arms don't work. The lumbar knob keeps falling off and the front bottom edge of the driver's seat has broken loose. Driver's power seat has started having problems at times, moving it to a forward position (either doesn't move, or movers very slowly! Nothing's beneath it to cause this). Driver's side power window switch is bad. The piece by the shifter (automatic trans) has been replaced and needs it again, keeps wrinkling up. Radio makes strange sounds at times (annoying, low popping sounds). Tail lights and head lights have had to have the bulbs replaced, twice on the tail light!

24th Dec 2003, 12:22

My father has a 2002 Aztec and is really having problems. Tried to start the vehicle two days ago, wouldn't start and the key got stuck and the battery had died. The thing is supposed to have a protection for this type thing to keep the battery from dying. Then he charged up the battery, took it to our local auto parts where the battery checked out fine along with the alternator. Drove it yesterday, went out this morning (50 degree day) and it would not start, battery drained, no lights left on. Anyone had this problem? Also, after locking the vehicle and walking in to stores, church etc. 3-4 minutes later the alarm randomly starts going off without being triggered. Sound familiar? Any suggestions?


9th Jan 2004, 17:46

I also have the same problem with the A/C on the Aztek. Noticed a green fluid dripping, took it to the dealer, it needs a new air condenser which is $450 + $450 labor = no air for me since I'm out of warranty. Will they ever recall this part?!?!?

15th Jan 2004, 11:36

I have also had the same problems with my 2001 Aztec. I purchased my car used and in a matter of two days the condenser for the A/C had to be replaced, The tail gate lift arms don't work and the lumbar knob keeps falling off and the front bottom edge of the driver's seat has broken loose. I also noticed that on the rear light covers were very worn looking at the top. The explanation given to me by the auto dealer was "wear & tear from the sun". Over all I love the vehicle. The ride is quite enjoyable. The sound system is great & it is very spacious & comfortable. I would not let these few inconveniences stop you from purchasing one, just be aware of what to look for so that you can get it repaired under warranty or before you drive it off of the used car lot.

19th Jan 2004, 00:53

I have a 2002 Pontiac Aztec. My vehicle stalls when I come to a stop and attempt to make a left turn. I have been in stop and go traffic and the vehicle has over heated. I have taken the vehicle in a couple of times for the same problems, but continue to get told the vehicle is fine. Has anyone experienced the same problems? Any advice? Thank you.

19th Jan 2004, 18:18

I have a 2001 Pontiac Aztek that I purchased used Nov. 2002. The vehicle was in great shape physically and mechanically. I too had a problem with the peeling taillights and was told that a wax buffer caused the damage. I found a light on eBay and low and behold the same peeling. One of the pastors at my church has an Aztek and his lights are also peeling. As for the AC mine is not working. I haven't taken it to the dealer yet since it just went out of warranty last month. Has anyone contacted GM regarding these two obvious problems? If so, what was their response? I also have the problem with opening the rear hatch. Sometimes it works, most times it doesn't.

Overall though, I love the car. I just wish GM would live up to the obvious flaws.

11th Feb 2004, 14:33

I had the condenser fail on my 2001 Aztek. The dealer said a rock may have hit it. Also my exhaust system went at the price of $480 due to no aftermarket parts. The SRV only had 48000 miles a little premature don't you think?

3rd Mar 2004, 15:59

2001 Aztec: I've been very happy with the roomy interior, which is the reason I purchased mine. I've always had trouble with the hatch not opening completely and was willing to put up with what I thought was a small inconvenience, now it's a real pain. The warranty just ran out then my intake gasket failed. I've never had to replace one of those. (1300.00, not cheap) My cooling fans have just stopped working; I haven't found out how much that will set me back yet. It's really a shame, as odd as this car looks, I like it, but I'm not willing to go in debt. After reading the many problems that are coming about, I think I'm going to be looking for a new vehicle. If anyone is considering a purchase, it rides great and has much room just buy an extended warranty.