9th Apr 2006, 11:35

I have a 2001 Aztek, purchased last year with 29,000 miles. So far, the hatch doesn't engage at first try, both lumbar knobs are broken, I have recently replaced the ERG valve, and now ALL of my dash lights go off intermittently. As someone else mentioned in another comment, I too often do not know how fast I am going, how much gas I have or how many miles I have gone. I took it to one garage who told me that they could not fix it until the lights went off completely...I'd rather not wait. If anybody has anything that might help, I would really appreciate it! I too love the car, but I am thinking that I should have purchased a newer model, the repairs are costing me a small fortune.

20th Apr 2006, 16:50

My drivers side window will not go up at all. Anyone know what is causing that? And/ or what I can do to fix it aside from taking it to the shop?

21st Apr 2006, 06:59

Join this group and they can answer your question:


20th Sep 2007, 09:45

I love my 2003 Aztec bought it in late 2002, I too had a problem with the back hatch not opening on the first try. front wheel bearings went out within 30.000 miles. I am on my third set of front wheel bearings. I have started changing them myself, Have had no problems with any knobs yet, and has 145.000 miles on it. The connector for the front head light has corroded, can't replace it without buying a new $450.00 head light assembly. I just bye-passed the connector. The air works great. ( (I still love it :) )

Barbara (Michigan)

30th Nov 2007, 11:28

As everyone else has explained, the Aztek should be recalled and GM should admit to selling a lemon to an unsuspecting public. I have all of the same problems that everyone else has, but GM will not accept the fact that they released a poor quality product. It is time our Government got more control of the US auto companies; no wonder they are going broke.

7th Dec 2007, 16:07

My Aztek is possessed.

I do not know where to start, in fact I can't even remember where it started. Off the top of my head here is the list of problems I can remember, SO FAR:

AC does not work, like everyone else the condenser is toast and I have opted to roll down the windows, I should mention that happened at 62 000km.

There was a chafed and shorted electrical wire coming through the fire wall and I had water leaking in from my roof rack and the seems of the rear hatch. This would allow water to flow through the frame of the car and pool under the vapor barrier and carpet. The water would collect at the main line connector just in front of the driver side passenger and short out everything. It took close to a year to find the problem, in the mean time this resulted in: a blown fuel pump, numerous head lights, battery, two starters, alternator, instrument cluster, ignition switch, ignition core, ABS sensors, keys stuck in ignition, unable to insert keys in ignition, Theft protection system malfunction, failure of communication from the computer to the dash.

To add to the electrical problem the are the bad hatch problems where it won't open properly, tie rod ends, ball joints, transmission mounts, the dash lights flicking off, car suddenly shutting down while driving, the lumbar knob, peeling tail lights.

I am sure there is much more that I can't even remember. So after close to two years, over $6000.00, not including much of the work the dealer actually for the covered out of sympathy, my vehicle is now still at the dealership 3rd consecutive week, eating more of my hard earned cash while they try to find what's going on and currently awaiting pars to replace the instrument cluster for the second time ($850.00) and trying to determine why with all their efforts they cannot get the service vehicle light to go away.


My only advice... Do not purchase an Aztek. I myself will never own another Pontiac product as long as I shall live.

9th Jan 2008, 19:42

I have a 2001 Aztec and am having a problem with the drivers door. It has started binding against the front fender when I open and close it. I took it to a body shop and they told me it is a design flaw on a lot of cars. The pillar is cracking and getting weak which is putting the door out of alignment. To fix it he said they have to remove the fender and door and re weld the pillar. Has anyone else had this problem?

11th Jan 2008, 14:42

Like most of the previous comments, I too, love my '01 Aztek, but have had my fair share of frustrations. Luckily, I have not had any problems with the a/c, but I bought it with 56,000 miles on it (it may have been replaced before)

I had to have the internal computer replaced, which was a headache in itself, and costly. Even though my husband replaced it himself, we still had to take it to a dealership to flash the comp. to the vehicle (more $). We have also had to replace the master control switch for the windows. Our sunroof leaks as well, and it drips down into the cup holders (where the int. comp. is located) Now my transmission has felt like it is jumping. Also, my engine light has been on for some time, and just recently my temp. gage won't work (but my heat still does), and my radiator fans stays running even after I turn my car off. My service vehicle soon light is on as well.

I have also had problems with my rear hatch not opening, and my tail lights peeling.

I have seen a lot of comments about lights flickering on their own, radios being locked, windows not working, these are symptoms of your internal computer not working, get ready to shell out some more money.

30th Mar 2008, 20:29

I have a 2001 Aztek. I bought it new.

Like everyone else, I love the car, but it has had expensive issues.

My air conditioner went out right after the warranty was up. My tail lights peeled, and my rear hatch pops but won't open until I pull up on it, and then hit the button again. I have had the latch replaced and it worked for awhile, then broke again. The dealer said the hatch is too heavy for the latch.

Now for the real expense. My BCM and PCM have both gone out within 6 months. The first one wouldn't allow the windows, door locks, interior lights and radio to work. The other wouldn't let the car start at all. Both are very expensive to fix and only a dealer can reprogram it, so you can't fix it yourself or go to a cheaper mechanic.

My battery get a lot of corrosion on it, although I only had to replace it once the new one is a mess and has to be cleaned.

I hear the same problems from everyone, yet they won't address it. This was my first GM and it is my last.