1989 Pontiac Bonneville SSE 3.8 Liter V6 from North America


Best car of the 20th and 21st century


Power windows are getting slower. ($100)

Transmission seems to be slipping. ($24.95)

Sunroof seems to be leaking water. ($75)

I only spent $199.95 on excess repairs... Not bad ;)

General Comments:

My bonnie runs like a Beauty. After racing many different cars and beating them bad... it still has not failed me.

This car has SERIOUS Performance as well as SERIOUS luxury too ;)

Most of the problems above are my fault, if I had not have been using it to race... this car would still be like NEW!!!

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Review Date: 11th March, 2001

17th May 2001, 22:43

Hey, I just bought an 89 bonnie sse. It was the owner of a car lots car, and in perfect condition. like new off the lot I'd say. I love the car the way it is, but I want to spruce it up a bit, sort of pimp it out. This car is the ultimate combination of everything you could want in a car.

3rd Jul 2001, 23:15

I own a 1990 SSE and I am fairly young. All I can say in order to pimp an SSE out, it must be different, because that car is like no other. I made my own cool air-intake, added exhaust tips (had to cut some of the fibre-glass at the back), added a newer pair of fog lamps, added a pair of GTS light covers, racing pedals with lights and one new idea I put in the car is the fluorescence cable that I ran throughout the car (careful for tickets). I love this car..

1989 Pontiac Bonneville from North America


All around good reliable car. Pretty fast too


Had to get a new starter.

I had to replace the alternator.

The power windows are starting to go.

General Comments:

I was 16 when I got this car. As a teenager I beat on it pretty badly, but it has held up extremely well, and still is in good condition. It still rides smooth too.

Lots of room but yet not bulky.

Great stock speakers.

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Review Date: 19th February, 2001

1989 Pontiac Bonneville SE 3.5 liter from North America


I love it! A great first car!


I think all that has gone wrong with the car is the alignment, and that was really screwed up, but I think that was the previous owners fault.

One of the buttons on the steering wheel was comming loose, but I fixed it and now it works better (by the way, the steering wheel is the coolest thing EVER!).

I think I need an oil change.

The only downside to this car is the gas mileage. It's like 13 mpg in the city, but I heard it's better on long trips.

General Comments:

I think I said it all in the above statements.

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Review Date: 20th December, 2000

1989 Pontiac Bonneville SSE 3.8 L V6 from North America


Luxury with attitude


Nothing so far, but the power windows are starting to go.

General Comments:

What a car. I would never expect this much performance, luxury, and looks to come out of the 80's, especially with today's technology. I don't think that this car is even out-dated yet.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2000

27th Jan 2001, 22:00

I have a Pontiac just like yours. It is a hell of a car. Some people think that it looks better than a Cadillac or BMW. The only thing that is going bad is the power windows. But the car itself has great power. Nice to read your story.

3rd Jul 2001, 14:36

I have a 89 Bonnie and I love it. The only thing thing that annoys me is that you can't really do much to the damn thing. I want it to go faster and I want some rims and a spoiler and all that, and that stuff is hard to find. Other than that I love the car.

25th Jan 2008, 15:30

I have a 1990 Bonneville great car I love it. The only problem I have is one of the back doors do not, the paint is faded, and the power windows are slow. It has 259,789 mile and still has plenty of power.

4th May 2009, 11:37

I own a 1990 SSE and love my car. I have the same problem with the doors not opening. I called GM and they quoted me parts and labour and taxes for 4 doors at $1,840.00!!! I found someone in the Hamilton area who can fix each door for $200 taxes included. What a bargain!!! If you would like his information please email me at : catagd@hotmail.com and for the subject line use : 'SSE DOOR LOCKS'

15th Dec 2010, 02:29

Rims!?! Spoiler?!? How dare you dream of corrupting the Bonneville, this car is amazing!

I bought mine for $100 dollars not running, spent about 200 on parts, fixed it, and now it purrs like a mountain lion! A hungry one!

This is absolutely the best car I have ever had the privilege to own and drive. I will keep fixing the few problems that crop up, it IS 21 years old after all, and when it can't be fixed anymore, I'll buy another one! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Sorry, got caught up in the excitement of owning a Bonneville.