12th Mar 2007, 12:21

My front passenger window doesn't work. My driver-side back window doesn't work. Sometimes it has great pick-up, other times it does not.

Handles great. Very comfortable.

29th Aug 2007, 16:49

I purchased my Bonneville brand new in 2004. This will be the last time I ever purchase a GM product. Both back windows don't work, clunking in the steering wheel, both front driver and passenger doors leak when it rains heavy, shocks don't even work anymore (bounces like a rabbit down the road), transmission slips, air conditioning fan won't blow air anymore, replaced head gasket (thank God GM did the recall on that one). The list goes on and on... LAST GM I EVER BUY...POS!!!

22nd Jan 2008, 19:49

So last October I bought a 2002 Bonneville and I LOVE IT. I had a 1995 Bonneville previously and that ran great for me also!

Like everyone else, my car too has problems with the back two windows, but I said screw it, I'm not paying like $200 per window, so we quick fixed them to stay up and that's quite fine with me! We can't roll down the windows in the back because we placed a screw in the tracks, but the front windows work fine! knock on wood! =)

I'm thinking about getting a 2005 G6 but I'm not positive yet...

The only other problems I have had were the steering wheel will shake at about 55, then stop, but I was told that could be a bad belt in one of my tires...

Every now and then the service engine light will come on, but turn off the next day or so. It recently has been on a lot, and then I got an oil change and it hasn't been on since!

Oh, I guess I have had a problem with gas mileage I was getting; about 20mpg. And now I get like 13. I know that's a problem, but I was told it could be because it's winter and it take twice as much gas when your tires spin, so I don't know, but I hope nothing serious happens.

19th Aug 2008, 10:13

I bought a 2002 Bonneville a few years back. I too had problems and replaced 1 front and 1 back window actuator.

Had the head gasket go out.

All that was under warranty, and now that the warranty is gone, my transmission jumps when changing gears and my dash cluster went out, the digital part of it anyway, which is the odometer. That makes it hard to get inspected in my state or trade the stupid thing off.

I also backed into it the other day with my truck, stupid me LOL (no more Pontiacs for me).

12th Apr 2009, 20:36

I am the owner of 2002 Bonneville SE with 193,000 miles on it. I really love the car, it rides well, handles great and is a good looking car. However, mechanically it does have some issues.

The rear windows drop, and the cost is $500-$600 to have the dealer fix it. The second one that dropped, I took off the panel and c clamped the window up.

I also had front wheel bearings go out on both sides, the steering clunks from time to time, and now the transmission is shifting hard when it gets hot.

The interior lights quit working, and the dealer fixed them for $200, only for it to quit working in 5 weeks.

Also, the car won't start.. something about the fuse box has a problem. At $700, I decided to bypass the ignition switch and just start with another switch.

I have a lot of miles on this car and just love the car. If GM could fix these issues, I'd love to buy another Pontiac. The dealers are difficult to work with and I try to avoid them if possible.

Electrical issues have been a problem. The lights on the radio went out and that's how you turn off the alarm system, so when the battery dies, I'm in trouble.

Even with these problems, the car is a delight to drive. The 3.8 L engine is wonderful, I've not had one problem with the engine. If you're handy in the garage, you can fix a lot of these problems yourself.

22nd Nov 2009, 18:47

I own a 2002 SSEI with over 138,000 miles.

The first major problem was when the back passenger window rolled down and decided to not roll up again. After figuring out what happened, I ordered the replacement part from Schuck's. It cost me $145 for the part. It took about an hour to pull the door paneling off and less than that to replace it. My dad says that I am replacing the regulators for his car when they go out. LOL.

My newest snag is the heater. The fan blew warm air one day and then misbehaved the next. When we stopped it stopped. When we started or made a sharp left, it started back up.

By giving the blower a "Fonzie" kick, it started up. The hypothesis is that there is a loose wire down there. Now to remove the plastic housing and see what's what.

By the way, I'm a single mom. Don't let the dealers fool you into thinking that it is some big, hairy deal to work on the window regulators. Never had a mechanic shop class.

18th Jan 2010, 01:52

I bought my 2002 Bonneville new and have had it since. So far I have had to replace all four window regulators. I had the infamous steering wheel grinding and had that fixed as well. The heater blower went out and had that replaced. Several of the decorative body panels came off and had them put back on. (they are actually held on with double sided tape in some places as far as I can see). Now I am having problems keeping air in the tires. Just Tires tells me it is corrosion built up on the chrome wheels. They grind the corrosion off and everything is great for about 8 months. It's a good thing that the car looks and runs great. With all of this, I would still buy another one if they still made them.

17th Apr 2010, 23:45

Any problems with bubbles under the paint around the gas filler door? Every single Bonneville I have seen has rust around the gas door.


19th Mar 2011, 23:14

I love my Pontiac too!!! What did you end up finding out about the missing antifreeze?

12th Sep 2012, 09:15

Yes, is there anything out there saying they will fix em?