1985 Pontiac Firebird TA 5.0 HO 305 from North America


Excellent overall value for the money


I had to have the horn fixed when I first bought the car to pass inspection.

General Comments:

First car was a 1985 firebird with V6, second car was 85 trans-am with 5 liter 4 barrel carburetor high output with 5 speed manual transmission. Handles better and faster than anything I've driven (I've driven an old 71 corvette before)

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Review Date: 23rd July, 2004

1985 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 351 from North America


A wonderfully crafted machine!


The heater core blew at 125,000 miles.

Seats are badly worn.

T-tops leak from the broken seal.

The factory radio is badly in need of replacement.

The paint is in need of some care.

The driver-side door handle will not open without some tricks and I cannot open either door from the inside.

General Comments:

The heater core repair was not very expensive, however it was very time consuming. Now that it is replaced, I have no problems with it overheating at all.

The rear seats are being reupholstered soon and really are not in horrible damage, but, need new fabric.

The seal for the T-tops is not terribly expensive, but, finding them is another story.

I have yet to figure out how to replace the handle on this door, but, I will do this eventually. Right now it is not an issue.

This car is a great buy and handles wonderfully. I purchased it from a friend and new all of the little tricks that go with it.

There is a new transmission in it with less than 10,000 miles on it. And, since I have had it, I have had no problems with it at all.

This car handles great and is sure to beat anything in a race!

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Review Date: 20th May, 2004

19th Feb 2007, 13:11

Well, I will comment on this, even though it has been 3 years since this post.

My 1985 Trans Am is still a killer in performance, looks and sound. The low rumble even before they see her, makes them even more curious, and then when they see her, wow!

Kids run to her, young and old men stare, (most) women "try" to ignore her, and old ladies shake their finger at her.

My T/A has been repainted metallic sliver, inside done, and a crate 5.7L engine put in. Next is the heater core. It is leaking antifreeze, which means the fluid stays at the low mark, but never empty. Luck of the Irish I guess.

Yes, T-top leaks, but I wash by hand anyway. Buy it or keep it if you own one.. My kids, son 14 and daughter 16 are already fighting of which will inherit her.

"Over my dead body!" says me.

1985 Pontiac Firebird SE 2.8 multi port fuel injection from North America


A good reliable car for sale


Well since I have had the car

I have had to get a new exhaust.

Had to replace fuel pump ($75.00)

General Comments:

Dash is cracked.

Middle console is pulling apart.

Carpets need vacuuming.

Oh ya if you would like to, but email me at billy1369769@yahoo.com.

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Review Date: 10th May, 2004

1985 Pontiac Firebird SE 2.8 V6 from North America


Most beautiful car for the money


Tranny went out right when I got it.

Rod bearings went out after a few hundred miles. Engine bad.

Torque converter bolt broke off.

Locks messed up.

General Comments:

I've sustained quite a bit of trouble with this car, and being my first it's not been fun. I've spent maybe $6000 so far buying it and fixing it up, more from fixing it up though. Rebuilt transmission and replaced engine. Power is nice, but it's a heavy car. Interior is wonderfully kept up except in the trunk with aged plastic. Everything works pretty much. I basically have another horror story to add. But I love it anyway and driving it makes all the bad stuff disappear, I truly love driving this car. It brings a most wonderful feeling I can't quite describe. It's surely better than most any other car. If only it had the efficiency and power of engines nowadays. They should've put more effort into this car at the factory. I could only compare it's aesthetics to a Ferrari. Indeed I like it far above any corvette.

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Review Date: 15th December, 2003

16th Dec 2003, 13:05

That 2.8 is actually a hell of an engine, and while it may not be so great performance-wise, I'm telling you from experience that it is one of the most reliable engines GM made. Now that you rebuilt it you shouldn't have any problems for a long long time. (This comment applies to the MPFI engine only, much better then the old carburated model)