28th Jul 2001, 04:41

I own a 2001 Pontiac Trans-am WS6 Ram Air. I enjoy driving around laughing at all the rice burners and Mustang's that think they can hang (they can't). If you own a Trans-Am you know what I'm talking about. A true Sports car.


27th Sep 2001, 20:56

I know what all you guys are talking about, although I don't own a 2001 model, I own a black 1998 Trans Am ws6 ram air, and what a rush driving it. It's always fun getting looks from all the people on the street. I'm still in high school, and have the nicest car in the lot, it's even fun walking up to it in a parking lot. All of the rice burners have seen my taillights for a great deal of time, and same with the Mustangs (fake muscle cars).

29th Apr 2004, 20:07

I agree with all of you guys (or gals) so far. I own a 2001 WS.6. 355hp and 325lb/ft torque, it blows away rice burners, RUSTangs, and some vettes. I wasn't as lucky, though, to have been given a trans am when I was still in high school. Must be nice!

18th Jul 2004, 21:19

I own a Sunset Orange Metallic 2001 WS6 T/A and this car is awesome. Lots of power and like everyone said here, Mustangs are a very bad excuse for a "muscle" car. They don't even come close to how fast and aggressive the T/A 3rd and 4th gears are, and by the time you put in 5th and 6th you're over 130mph and they're all history. If you want to see some nice pics check my site. You can perform a search on google typing WS6 TA or 2001 WS6 and my link will appear on the 1st page - wS6Freak's page - check the pics. I don't know why GM wouldn't keep marketing these cars. I'm sure they had potential to kill Mustang sales. Well, TAs already kill them all on the streets...

14th Nov 2004, 17:46

I am a sophomore in high school and I have had a deal with my dad that I would get a Mustang GT when I got on the honor roll. Report cards just came out and I have been looking at the Trans Am a lot. I have had a change of heart of which car I want in the last week. So now hopefully I will get a Trans Am Ws6 with a 6-speed. I have compared with both cars and have driven them too. I have decided I would much rather have a TA than some Mustang Gt that everyone within a block of you has. The Trans Am is a much better looking car and a lot more rare. They look better, have more power, stick out more, and the thing I like the most is you can get the 6-speed Hurst shifter with them. I hope to find the right one soon, and I can't wait until the first day I drive it to school to show all the kids with Mustangs what they wish they had.

26th Mar 2005, 18:29

I could not agree with the previous comment more, and as much as I love Trans Am's, I hope you have not gotten one. School should be your absolute top priority. The toys will come later. By saying you want to "do it right", I pray you are not contemplating financing your life away. Then you will really be digging yourself a grave at a critical time in your life.

I am a twenty seven year old electrical engineer. I lived in absolute poverty while I was in school. Sacrifice was my middle name. I studied every waking moment of every day to get through it. I absolutely tortured myself, in order to get excellent grades, which led to me ultimately getting a very nice salary, with a nice signing bonus to match. I now have a modest house in a desirable neighborhood, with a thirty year mortgage that will be paid off in six years from start to finish. I am delaying getting my toys even further until that is accomplished. I am not trying to boast about myself, but rather demonstrate you what making studying a priority will enable you to accomplish.

Do not try to have everything instantly. You will be sealing your fate, possibly for the rest of your life. If you set yourself up right now, you can have anything you want within reason later, but have it the comfortable way. The car dealers who want to give you a loan are not your friend. Study hard now; it is worth it like you would not believe!!

Good luck... you will get your Trans Am.