19th Jan 2012, 12:56

I'd really like to know where all these Altimas and Accords are that are just itching to race. Most are driven by elderly ladies, and just where are all these numerous race courses where the old ladies go to race?

19th Jan 2012, 12:56

No, what is hilarious is seeing V6 Mustangs completely dusted by Honda Accords in average driving scenario's, not even racing. Yeah, I bet your girlfriend loves that huh? LOL.

Seriously though, just buy what you can afford. I'll stick with V8 power. To me, complaining about insurance costs and gas mileage is hardly something that is associated with buying a sporty car to begin with. If you have to actually look at it from that point of view, you should probably be buying a Focus anyway. I have never and will never buy my car for other people's enjoyment... as in looks aren't the main focus for me.

The Mustang is a looker, but I am more interested in the performance. Sorry, I don't drive 100 everywhere and smoke the tires off the rims every time I let my foot off the clutch. Seems people think that is all a fast car is for. Whatever! Having a cool looking car that groans when you step on it and can't get out of its own way... well that would just be downright frustrating to me. Sorry, but like I said, getting left behind by every middle aged woman in her Accord V6 is downright embarrassing! If looks are that important to you... just wait until you see the looks you'll get in that scenario... LOL!!

Just continue to do what you like. I could care less. I'll be the one with the car that is worth more down the road, as a 6 cylinder will always be more of an appliance than a real collectible car. Regardless of what you say, people want the GT. If they can't afford one, they settle for the V6. That is it plain and simple. You are the odd one out if you chose a V6 over the GT by your own free will.

Peace, and drive that Mustang well!

20th Jan 2012, 08:51

Trust me, they aren't racing if you are in the 4.0 Mustang. Simply pulling away from a light and getting up to speed is enough to blow away a 4.0 Mustang. The Accord gets to 60 in around 5.8 seconds, and the Mustang is over 7 seconds to 60 with an automatic transmission, which is how 80% or more of the V6 cars are equipped.

31st Aug 2012, 15:24

Really, bolting a supercharger to an older fox will drop it a second or so, bringing it to 5-5.5 seconds to 60. A 98-02 LS1 T/A can do it in 4.9-5.3 stock. Yeah, there is a big amount of HP difference there, but I've beaten many 05-10 GT Mustangs with my 98, so Mustangs are not fast. Only the 03/04 Cobra and the 2011+ 5.0 are fast. Anything inside of those years in stock form; a T/A will run right with it, WITH A GOOD DRIVER; that is key.