4th Sep 2010, 00:58

I have the head light problem, as well as recently replacing the fuel pump and fuel lines. The headlight problem comes from a plastic gear they used in it. The gear strips; you can buy a brass gear off the Internet; "google it", and for about $50 and an hour's work taking apart the motor, fix it yourself. It comes with instructions.

Me... as long as they pop up and down, I'm not going to worry about it, certainly not enough to spend 300 dollars.

Otherwise in love my factory purple 96 V6 Firebird; it beats my brother's 2004 Mustang off the line, but he has the V6 (then again, my car has almost a decade and a hundred thousand miles on his).

25th Sep 2010, 10:51

I just bought the 96 V6 bird, and the previous owners said they haven't had any problems at all with it, but the day after I take it home, it starts dragging when I try to accelerate, like it's missing gears.

So first off, I think my transmission is going out, but then the engine light came on and told me I had multiple misfires, so I think of the gas filter; replaced that, it was still not working, so I went and bought new spark plugs and I'm waiting for a friend to put them on.

On top of all of that, I got into it yesterday and it wouldn't start, even though the battery, alternator, and starter were all working fine.

So maybe the spark plugs are causing it to not start. If it's not that, it's got to be the coils, which are 30 a piece, and you have to get 4 of them.

So yeah, I love the car, I just wish it would run right.

I also have one headlight grinding on me.

14th Feb 2011, 22:26

OK, for starters, I have a 1996 Firebird. And I have loved this car. It is reliable, sexy, and great on gas.

Issues I have had...

Window motors, there are sites on the net "bfranker" is in the name of one that will show you (with step by step photos) how to change them. You can get a pair of motors for $15-$20 and 30 minutes of time and they are fixed.

Headlight Grinding: Same site, and all you do is reverse the original gears, or buy the brass ones. See, the original gears are nylon I believe, and when your lights go up and down, they only use 1/2 of the gear. So you flip the gear and use the new teeth. Fixes in 15 minutes.

Misfire: I too had the code pop up on misfires, it is the coil packs. Whichever misfire you're experiencing, you need the corresponding coil pack.

So yes, it's not a perfect car, but considering the fixes aren't much of anything if you do a little homework, they aren't expensive either.

This has been the most dependable car (125,000 miles and counting) I have ever owned, and wouldn't hesitate to drive it cross country right now.

12th Apr 2012, 12:04

I also have a 96 Firebird. Mine has the LT1 and 4L60e tranny. Love the car, don't get me wrong! But it's too complicated to work on! I'm used to the 87 and older Chevys that are easy to tear down and throw back together, but this Firebird is nothing but a B%^@#! But still I've had a lot of fun with the car...

I paid $5300 for the thing, and 2 weeks later I had the tranny drop out from under me... pull out, tear down, reassemble. About 5 months later the motor's screwed! 3 spun bearings, 2 missing main caps, and zero oil pressure! Pull out, tear down, reassemble... now the car has over $10,000 invested in it, and it's about to go into paint and body this week!

Overall, love to hate it!