21st Mar 2007, 18:34

I own a 2002 WS6 Convertible. Black with Taupe interior and top. It also had a "tick" in the engine. At 42K miles, Pontiac replaced the engine under extended warranty ($6,800 was Pontiac's cost on an LS1 in August of 2006.) There is now zero ticking, the old engine's #1 cylinder was manufactured too small. It is a FACT that 325HP is under rated. The 02 WS6 is the meanest in its class and the most powerful car for the money. Sure, a viper or LS7 vette is meaner, but, you have to pay 40k more to get that extra power.

2nd Apr 2007, 12:43

I own a 2002 black/black 6-speed manual T-top WS6, every drive is an adventure! There is a "ticking" noise to my engine, but it comes & goes. I believe it may be a lifter; however, no mustang has kept up with me yet on the highways, and I always look forward to the next drive, and someday I may be able to afford buying premium gas often enough to make it a daily driver. I never regretted buying this car, and damned glad I did. I guess cars with real power & style like this one that's under $40,000 are not in style anymore--all there is on the road (new cars) are boxy and economy or suv's. Shame.

14th Nov 2007, 08:43

I drive a 2000 Z/28 auto and I have had to replace the turn signal bulbs about 4 times in 2 years. I pulled the turn signal housings out and found cracks in the back of them. I used plastic weld and filled the cracks and have had no problems since. I believe the plastic used is very brittle and GM should have done better initially.

My front rocker panels are also becoming loose. For some reason GM placed the joints for the rocker panels under the car in a great place to be destroyed by car lifts. Just about every F-body I've seen suffers from this lapse in build quality. It is only a matter of time before I have to replace them.

As for the squeaks and rattles in the T-tops, etc. try having sub-frame connectors installed. The unibody chassis is not reinforced nearly enough on these cars considering the performance potential even in stock form. If you like to have any fun with the car and use the long pedal more than necessary, the power will twist the body and over time will distort making body panels have improper gaps.

With sub-frame connectors your chassis will be tightened up so body flex will be a thing of the past which will do away with most squeaks and rattles. Also your handling will improve quite a bit and ride quality is superior as a result. I recommend anybody make this suspension mod before adding power to keep body twisting to a minimum.

I have noticed a ticking noise at idle from the engine. I belived it is the valve train and is not something to be worried about.

I bought my car with 50K miles and now has 85K and I have not had any part fail as of yet. My only costs are in regular maintenance items: Engine oil, Differential oil, Coolant flush & fill, Tire purchase & rotations, Wheel alignments.

My car is full bolt-on minus engine parts and it is very satisfying to drive. For the money you can't beat an LS1 F-body for a track/daily driven car.

14th Feb 2008, 12:50

325 HP is not a whole lot to brag about...

5th Apr 2008, 21:25

If you read the comment correctly you, would have seen he said under rated at 325.. you must own a mustang or import.

12th Jun 2008, 23:47

I have a 2002 WS6 red 6 speed, just turned 80,000 miles. I must say I love this car. I have owned several cars including 2000 Mustang GT, MR2 turbo, Eagle Talon Turbo, Conquest Turbo, 88 GTA TA 5.7 liter, 70 AMX 390, Dodge Challenger 340, Fiat Spyder 2000 model, and a couple of trucks. My first car was a 1970 Monte Carlo SS 454.

Anyway this is my favorite car; yes it has its normal American car problems like electric window motors that only last 5 years or so, and I have to change my blinker bulb like most people every time it rains hard, but nothing serious.

I use 0W30 Mobil1 syn oil and change every 6,000 miles, keep the air cleaner filter K&N clean, and air in my corvette 18" front and 19" rear tires.

I get a average of 25.7 mpg on 93 octane gas, I mean what car can go 70 mph at 1300 RPM.

The sound system is great; hooked my iPod to the multi disc changer port with a special adapter. Anyway the car handles and drives smooth; no pulls, no shakes.

I love this car.. Can't see selling it for a car that would only get 4 or 5 miles per gallon more, and have no performance.. Maybe I will get one of the future electric cars, but I will keep my TA for the weekends.

13th Jun 2008, 13:00

I agree the 325 HP is under rated, anyways it's not only HP that makes a car powerful, it is the torque as well and the Trans Am and Z28 have tons of torque. I have loved the Trans Am's and Z28's since I was a child. Although I really dislike plain Firebirds and Camaro's, and people who drive these plain under powered wannabe muscle cars with their V6 engines and 165 HP.

17th Jul 2008, 17:41

I am thinking of buying a 2002 WS6 Tran Am. I have been in love with Trans Ams ever since I was little. I am probably going to use it as a main car to get around. I am looking for one with a manual transmission (V8). I've checked the specs and it looks like it gets alright gas mileage, but I'm still a little iffy. Could someone help me out, thanx!!!

20th Aug 2008, 15:15

2002 WS6, very happy with the car save for a few items... I agree about the turn signals, I am so sick of replacing them!! on top of that, the wiring hardness is now badly corroded where it connects to the turn signal bulb. Cracked plastic lenses let the water in.

The drivers side sun visor fell off and landed in my lap one day.

My rear axle went out and got totally destroyed (ate away the housing) which GM wanted $4,000 to install a "new" used rear end, no thanks... I have read of many people having issues with the rear ends in the 2002 trans am, but no recall.

After about 80k miles my right catalytic converter went out, but this I hope will be covered under the extended "recall" warranty.

The brake rotors suck too, they warp very badly within the first few thousand miles.

30th Aug 2008, 18:21

I really want a Trans Am! I would like some answers about some things though first. I have heard that Pontiac has some problems with their dashes cracking and door panels coming loose and things like that. I was just wondering if it is common or is it that some people just don't take care of there cars! But I would like some feed back on that please.

Oh and if I get one, it's pretty much a sure thing that I will have to change the blinker bulb huh? haha!