15th Sep 2008, 18:43

I too have a 2002 Pontiac WS6,pewter/blk, and absolutely love it. Talking about hugging a road and love to watch people at a light when they think they can beat me. EAT MY DUST!

I too have the turn signal problem. We've changed it about 4 times now and winter (rainy season in OR) coming upon us. I cleaned the housing out and tried to dry it the best I could. It works but it's sluggish. It blinks okay then goes slower. I'm going to put a bead of silicone around the outside of the lens. Has anyone done that yet? What could be my problem with it now?

I had some engine problems and went to a dealer and had them fixed, hopefully!!!

10th Oct 2008, 11:12

I have a 2002 Black WS6 Automatic.

I have replaced the bulbs as many of you have, but now they don't even light up so I wonder if corrosion has happened and now I might need new sockets.

I do not, repeat do not beat my car up and drive it daily, only playing when some smart ass decides he can try to beat me. I did have to replace my Transmission at 35k and GM would not do a thing about it, so I took it to a shop that works on drag cars, lets just say its guaranteed to outlast my car and it's an upgraded Corvette transmission with performance servs and bands. Just driving through town it shifts hard, and breaks loose at 45 mph to passing gear.

I now have a grinding noise in my rear differential and am having that looked at because I don't know if its just the ring and pinion, bearings, or the whole rear end. (this might be due to the upgraded tight transmission and rear end gears being too tight).

Other than that I love this car, I had a 2001 that ended up meeting with a semi after black ice, and I had to get another one... one of my ex gfs asked me if I loved that car more than her, and I felt terrible because I hesitated, but answered "No". Haha maybe that's why shes an ex lol.

Good cars, going to have phenominal resale!

24th Apr 2009, 08:11

I have a 2002 Pontiac Convertible. I also have had numerous problems with the turn signals taking on water and shorting out or corroding. I have had my car at the dealership many times over this issue. My warranty is now run out and I talked to the service guy and they replaced the socket one more time on the passenger side, and once on the drivers, and put in a new bulb. Charged me 5.25 for the bulb.

Not more than a week later the other side went out. I am getting frustrated having to take it in so many times for the same issue. Is there away that we can report it to Pontiac? Maybe they will try to help us out.

I have less than 46,000 miles on my car. I love the way it handles. I just wish I did not have this constant problem with the turn signals. I am going to go talk to my service agent and see if I can contact Pontiac. This seems like it is a design issue.

I also had the ticking noise when getting into the gas. My husband changed the oil to a synthetic oil. The first oil change using the synthetic oil use a qrt of oil. But the 2nd oil change using the synthetic oil did not. I noticed the ticking had subsided. Hope this helps some of you.

5th May 2009, 10:26

OMG, I can't believe I discovered this web page. Great source of information.

I own a Red, 2002 Pontiac Trans Am WS6, purchased new by me. I just hit 40,000.

About 3-4 months ago, my turn signal/parking light went out. Husband replaced bulb. All was fine until it rained, bulb went out again. Husband replace bulb. Got the car washed at one of those great car washes. Both bulbs went out. Husband replaced both bulbs. Drove on a wet street after it had rained. Both bulbs went out, and they been out since then. Husband gave up. I hate having to stick my arm out to make a turn.

Yesterday, a REALLY weird thing happened. I pulled into the garage, turned off the car and the car was STILL running. It freaked me out for a minute... like I was in the Twilight Zone... like what the *ell now. Put the key back in and moved the key in several positions, but the car still keep running. You know how I turned the car off... I turned the parking lights on/off. (I run the parking lights so the back lights on.)

The driver's side door at the seam is not fully sealed. Now, if the driver's side window is down, I can't open the door. So, when I pull up to the drive-thru bank, I put the window down, leaving about 3" of the window up and I can open the door to put the canister into the shoot.

The passenger's door doesn't always lock with the remote. It's like 75% it does, and 25% is doesn't lock.

I had a 1999 Firebird for almost 10 yrs. and NEVER had any problems, except for the normal wear on parts. I don't even remember replacing the bulbs?

Having said all the above, I would NEVER get rid of this car. It still looks brand new, it lives in the garage. I always have someone asking me about the car, like what year it is, etc., and when I tell them it's a 2002, they're like amazed. I take the T-tops off and people are always looking at that fine looking car. I love the power of it. Heck, when I drive in the school zone, I have a hard time keeping it down at 20 MPH. It just wants to goooo. Oh, my engine also has that piston knocking sound, but goes away after a bit. My 1999 was the same way.

Tomorrow, the car goes to the Pontiac dealer to get all this stuff fixed. Keep your Trans Am, keep fixing it if you have to, but keep it, it will become a collector's item, especially now that Pontiac has gone bye-bye.


16th Jul 2009, 21:48

I have a 2002 WS6 Trans Am and I love it. Great gas mileage, plenty of power, handles great, and looks AWESOME. I have 78,000 well cared for miles on mine and I've had zero problems. No shot bulbs, no parts falling off, etc., however I am beginning to hear a slight whine in the rear end. My car still looks brand new at 78,000. I do baby it. It lives in the garage under a fitted car cover. Mine is a 6 speed, T-tops, white with toupe (tan) interior.

28th Nov 2009, 17:29

I have a 2002 Trans Am WS6 6 speed. Midnight blue with a white convertible top. I have 50,200 miles on it. It looks great. However, I just had to have a new clutch put in it. The dealer said the pressure plate was worn out. I do not ride the clutch and no one drives it but me. Why would the clutch go out in such a short time, mileage wise?