30th May 2007, 10:16

I was the proud owner of a Pontiac Pursuit 2005 model for a little better than one and a half years. I cannot say enough about this car. I have driven for over forty years many different makes and models this car had it all handling, mileage and performance. Unfortunately I was in an accident on may 18 07 and my car was totaled, not my fault. I will definitely buy a new G5 because there is nothing out there to compare it with not even close. I am looking forward to driving the G5 because of the great results.

20th Dec 2007, 18:45

How long before you know your car is a lemon? We bought a 2006 Pursuit a year ago with 20,000 km.

- 3 months in, the car's air bag lights came on, ended up having a problem with a seam in the car not welded together when they made the car.

- A month later the check engine light came on, couldn't find a problem.

- A month later, after living with a rattle when turning the steering wheel; had the steering column replaced.

- Now it's a year old to us and almost 2 years on the road, just rolled 36,000 and had to have the shifter steering guide rails replaced.

Thankfully it's all been under warranty but what else can go wrong? The warranty is done in 14 months? When do you know it's a lemon?

16th Mar 2009, 23:02

I purchased a 2006 Pontiac Pursuit SE Sedan (G5) in June of 2007 with 22000km. No problems with it until October of 2008, right after the warranty ran out.

Had to replace the ignition module. And now in march of 2009, had to take it in to replace the whole unit that the module sits in, including the coils and spark plugs (the boot, I'm told it's called). Currently at 76000 km.

Hopefully nothing else goes wrong. Both times cost me over $300.

One interesting thing I discovered this time was that when the mechanic was trying to look up the code from the cars computer, he could not find a 2006 Pontiac G5 or Pursuit listed on the repair site... I know this because I was standing over his shoulder watching... LOL. I wonder why this is?

29th Mar 2009, 11:40

I just bought an 08 Chevy Cobalt to replace my 02 Grand Am. I'm in a similar situation as you, other than the fact that my Grand Am died, and was a complete and total assemblage of garbage and bad ideas. We'll see how these delta platform cars stand up to the test of time.

14th Oct 2009, 09:39

I am looking at buying a used 2006 Pontiac G5 pursuit. 5 speed 4 door (I have a 96 5 speed Grand Am that is 2 Dr, but that doesn't work out too well with a family). I have a friend who personally went through this used dealer with their Cobalt and have had amazing luck. I'm debating between his Pontiac G5 ($7000) or a Chevy Aveo ($10,000). I don't want to save my 3,000 dollars and end up spending it the end fixing something, but if it's a good vehicle no one minds saving money. I do like the hatchback on the Aveo, but could anyone give me comments or concerns on either vehicle? If the G5 has no known issues, I could save myself 3000. Both are the same year.

26th Jan 2010, 21:44

Leased my 2006 G5 SE and am going to buy it out when it comes due in March. Not one problem, and for some reason it still smells brand new inside. Well, one thing --- it does scratch easily in the carwash. Otherwise it gets an A from me.

9th Jun 2010, 16:10

We purchased a 2 Door automatic 06 G5 in Oct of 09 (it is a lease return 06 model).

My wife drives it daily, she has zero problems with it, it is fully loaded and she enjoys it very much, I so far think it was a great purchase, and hope it continues to be.

14th May 2011, 17:04

I will comment on the G5 Pursuit I have owned for about a year now, and in that year I have spent more on repairs than the car is worth; I am in it for 7000.00 this year, and it just runs back and forth to work; no gravel, no abuse, and it now needs its third front end this year, and now I have a p0300 random misfire code, so now it is parked.

Since GM was bailed out, their products suck. I used to be a GM lover; my truck that I won't let go of is a GM Sierra 1991.

This car is completely worthless. It only has 104000 on it, and is broke down as it has so many times. This car is junk. I bought mine first, and four more of my friends bought them used also, and they are all complaining to me like I made them sheep.

Anyway, GM needs to stop manufacturing cars. They have dropped the ball as far as I am concerned.

8th Jun 2013, 21:26

I have had that issue myself trying to find parts for my 2006 G5/Pursuit. It is a lot easier to find them when you search for a 2006 Pursuit because the Pursuit is a Canadian vehicle, like the G4 which was sold only in Mexico. After 2005-2006, they turned into the G5 like everything else, but the 2006 is an odd year. It's strange, but sometimes it just takes a little longer to find parts for it.