29th Dec 2006, 08:51

Toyota has a market cap greater than all of the big three combined so it could easily buy GM. Now, would it do so? No, of course not, but technically it could.

And, again, I fail to see how supporting a company that will LAYOFF Americans is going to help at all. Toyota and the other imports that are engineering, designing, building, and selling here are the future, so if you want to support America for the long term you buy one of those.

This is all based on the argument that xenophobes have put forth for decades - that you support AMERICANS working.

29th Dec 2006, 14:54

Why is this in the wrong section? Is this what you do? Trolling around reviews/comments on GM vehicles and share your biased and unsolicited opinons? Unless your comment pertains to the vehicle in question, please keep your wisdom to yourself.

12th Feb 2007, 23:04

I totally agree with comment 04:44. The new GM cars and trucks are some of the best cars being built anywhere in the world. My family members have driven everything from a Mazda RX-7 to 5-series BMW's and Mercedes. The new GM cars and trucks are right up there with the best, and, ironically a number of GM models are now actually rated HIGHER in reliability than some BMW and Mercedes models. We currently own a Pontiac and a GMC, and they are incredible cars.

21st Feb 2007, 21:07

GM is still an AMERICAN company, and unlike Toyota, it pays taxes in the U.S., provides FULL benefits to all its workers, supports related jobs and services in the automotive sector (Toyota DOES NOT), and puts much more money into the AMERICAN economy that Toyota ever has.

Whether a particular GM model is produced here or in Canada is of no consequence, as the benefits of ALL GM sales go toward our economy rather than Japan's.

The new Pontiacs are some of the best vehicles built anywhere on Earth. In addition, you have the security of owning a vehicle that, should it become necessary, will be VOLUNTARILY recalled if a defect should surface (NOT likely on the new GM vehicles).

On the other hand, Japanese manufacturers DO NOT issue voluntary recalls, but rather must be FORCED, by LAW to issue recalls (so much for the "Domestics have more recalls" argument!! OF COURSE they have more recalls. When Japanese companies are under no pressure to issue recalls, believe me, they WON'T.

Just look at this years crop of MAJOR problems with Toyota: Defective air bags, defective steering, defective brakes, defective transmissions, peeling paint, coolant leaks, oil leaks, and hundreds more too numerous to mention. Only a HANDFUL Of the VERY MOST SERIOUS issues were accorded a recall. With the rest it is simply "let the buyer beware".

Of course if you are determined to have an import in spite of the damage done to your country, you might consider a Honda... provided you keep enough money on hand to shell out $5000 for a new transmission every 36,000 miles!!

22nd Feb 2007, 18:11

To comment 07:21: ALL new car batteries (foreign and domestic) are DESIGNED to fail at around 36,000 miles. I routinely replace my batteries at 36,000 miles on all my new cars. My wife bought a new 2003 Envoy and at 36,000 miles I told her "I better replace your battery". She was too busy to leave the car still long enough for me to install a new battery, and sure enough, 2 weeks later she went out to go to work and her battery was dead!!

24th Feb 2007, 23:15

I just bought a 2006 G6 with the panoramic sunroof and so far it is great. All around I love the car. The power, brakes, style. Hopefully when it rains I won't get wet!!!

25th Feb 2007, 20:27

To comment 23:15: You have one of the sharpest and best value cars available. Congrats on having the good sense and good taste to buy a top-notch domestic. As for the Sun roof... lots of luck. It is a really bad design. One thing I'd suggest that might (or might NOT) help is to use Rain-X on the glass roof panels to help shed water that falls on them. I use it on all my windshields and it really does a great job in making the water blow off rather than sticking to the glass and running down it. It might keep water from seeping into the cracks between the panels. I test drove a G6 GT with the Sun roof and NO WAY do I want one (the Sun roof, not the car). Hopefully they won't be the nightmare that they look like they are going to be.

27th Feb 2007, 16:43

I just went with my wife to drop her GMC off at the Pontiac/GMC dealership for and oil change and tire rotation. While I was waiting on her to check her car in, I was looking at the new G-6's. The coupes and retractable-top convertibles are AWESOME... until you look at the PRICES!!

It absolutely blew me away to see a G-6 listing for MORE than a Mustang GT!! Pontiac needs to reign in their prices a bit if they really want to be competitive. The G-6 is a GREAT car, but $31,000 worth...NOT.

22nd Mar 2007, 09:42

We leased a Pontiac G6 in 2005 and are very happy that our lease is up this coming May. We have had problems from the start. 2 days after leasing the car, the battery was dead. They have since replaced the battery 5 times. We have had the starter replaced 3 times. The cruise control would shut off on the highway by itself and it took 4 visits to the service center to figure out the problem. The car doesn't turn over often and they have also had to replace the main electrical panel in the car (I don't know the technical name, it's similar to the motherboard in computers). I have to drive with jumper cables in my back seat because it is that unreliable. I have had two Pontiacs' now, both have been terrible cars. I have had much better luck with foreign cars.

1st Apr 2007, 06:58

My wife's G6 sunroof suffers from a rattling and thumping noise. It sounds like cables or something similar are rattling around in the roof. I have not seen this problem listed. Does anyone else have this troubling noise, like a spirit is trapped in the roof and trying to get out?

1st Apr 2007, 11:37

Unfortunately the sun roof design on the G-6 is a TOTAL NIGHTMARE. The noises referred to are probably slight movements of the glass panels. Hopefully Pontiac will return to a more conventional (and less troublesome) design soon. The way the G-6 sun roofs are made invites noise, leaks, and unhappy customers. The first time I drove a G-6 with the sun roof I KNEW it would be a source of trouble.

1st Apr 2007, 16:49

Sorry, but not even Oprah giving away free G6's makes this car any more desirable. It just rots on dealer lots like its stablemate Cobalt. Meanwhile, Camry and Accord continue to top 400K units a year.

Or, to put it another way, if the G6 is so superior, why doesn't anyone want them?

15th Apr 2007, 17:19

I have had some noise problems with my Pontiac '05 G-6. It is now awaiting expensive replacement parts as the inner liner started to fan-fold instead of winding on the roller. There is a back order for parts which leads me to suspect that others are having a similar problem. Can anyone give me some insight on this problem. Is the problem frequent enough to cause a recall? This would save a lot of money for me and others as well.