18th Apr 2007, 22:34

In response to 16:49.

The G-6 is a much better car than the Taurus. If people are buying Camry's it is because they are not very well informed buyers. Of course reading some of the comments on here pretty well proves that point.

19th Apr 2007, 10:17

Americans are not well informed buyers. If they were, GM, Chrysler, and Ford would have been out of business decades ago.

3rd Jul 2007, 18:43

Own an '05 G6 thanks to Oprah. Sunroof rattled so bad it sounded worse that my '98 Maxima - dealer replaced entire sunroof assembly. Brake lights were staying on while driving, and going off when stopping, and making the cruise control inoperative. Brake pedal sensor adjusted, same problem again, another adjustment. Fine for awhile, then problem reared it's ugly head - dealer replaced brake pedal sensor, good for a short time then guess what - same problem again. Another brake sensor installed which lasted for 3 days. Read a post about someone having a similar problem and the body control module was the problem - mentioned this to the dealer and this was replaced - hopefully this works. Next car will be foreign, they had their chance.

10th Jul 2007, 16:48

I have an '05 GG GT with 31k miles. I had to turn the rotors last month. In addition, it's in the shop now for suspension issues, along with 3 other "warranty items", including ball joints. I also had to have the driver door realigned because it was hanging wrong. The side panels of the consol fall off daily and it's an all-around noisy ride. I'd give anything to have my '98 Sunfire back, even though the clear coat was peeling off. At least it was quiet.

21st Aug 2007, 16:03

I bought a used 2005 G6 GT with a panoramic sunroof, and at first I ran into a TON of problems. On my ride home after picking it up, it was raining and the sunroof began to leak - I got soaked! I turned around a brought it back immediately to get it fixed.

After a week without a car, I finally got it back with pretty much every part in the sunroof replaced, only to have it leak again!

I brought it to a different GM dealer, only to find out that the original dealer that I bought the car from had replaced the parts with improper ones, and whoever fixed it had no idea what they were doing. The new dealer replaced one seal and it worked perfectly!

So, I think it's not necessarily a bad design - it's just that the people that have to repair the NEW design are still unfamiliar and inexperienced with the repair process.

Other than the first week or so, and since I've gotten it fixed - I'd recommend this car to anyone - it's an awesome car and I wouldn't want anything else right now.

31st Aug 2007, 09:56

We bought a 2005 G6 a few months ago. Our sun roof also whistles. But I decided to write about the battery issue. Ours died at 40,880 miles. Someone wrote that all recent batteries only last about 36,000 miles, which I do not agree with. My mechanic put in a new battery and when he did a draw test (I think that's what it's called). It showed that, even though everything was shut off (and I mean everything - the key wasn't even in the ignition), something was still drawing power from the battery. He traced it to the Body Control Module (BCM). The part itself is defective. GM has had about 3 models of this part cause they keep having problems with it. So if you are finding that your battery dies early, have your mechanic check the BCM. The part itself costs approx $189 and should take approx 1hr to diagnose and 1 1/2 hours for labor. This is the info my mechanic got from a GM dealer.

19th Sep 2007, 14:47

My daughter test drove a 2007 Pontiac G6 GT with a panoramic sunroof. We could see daylight around the roof panels. After saying we would take it to a car wash, we finally got the used car salesman (owner) to spray water over it. My daughter got sprayed in the face. The dealer wanted us to take the car home anyhow & get it fixed in our town. (Absolutely not!) He took it to a dealer to find out that they could not do anything.

5th Jan 2008, 07:19

I own a 2005 G6 GT. For the price here in PR $35,000.00 it's not worth it. Panoramic sunroof rattles, squeeks, leaks and now does not want to close unless you actually push down the first blade and hit couple of time the last blade of the sunroof. The other thing is the suspension now I'm hearing some rear squeeky noise probably needs shock replacement it does have 83,000 miles. The rest I can't complain works well.

25th Mar 2008, 11:04

I bought a Pontiac G6 GTP in late Sept 2007. I live in the Pacific Northwest. When the rains started, I noticed that the front and back passenger side carpets were soaked right through two mats! I brought it in and was told this is a defect problem with the sunroofs, something to do with hoses. They kept it for a week and fixed it. Now it is leaking again! The car is going back in the shop and if it happens one more time, I will be going after them with the Wa State Lemon Law. They are having a lot of problems with the sunroofs and have new instructions supposedly on how to fix the problem.

1st Apr 2008, 11:48

Anyone can just look at the stupidly designed sun roof on the G6 and see that there is no possible way it WOULDN'T leak. I test drove a 2007 GT with the sun roof, and decided then and there that if I bought one, I'd prefer an aftermarket sunroof to the factory disaster. Pontiac builds extremely good cars. My current Pontiac is 8 years old and has never had a problem of ANY kind. The sunroof design on the G6 makes ZERO sense. It looks like something the Japanese would design.

22nd Apr 2008, 16:22

I thought it was me or that I got a lemon. My panoranic sunroof on my 2006 G6 has rattled since I first got it brand new. I know something was up when none of the dealerships carry cars today with that type of sunroof. GM needs to tell the truth and compensate all of us who have suffered with this defect. Today, my car is in the dealership for the umpteen time about the rattle. They plan on keeping it for several days to order parts, replace and ensure that they have fixed the problem.

20th May 2008, 21:14

We just bought an 05 G6 GT. The sunroof did leak a little at the power car wash. We have had the car for 2 weeks and are already having issues.

1 Has any one had problems with rattling in the front end? I am thinking ball joints. It only has 46,000 miles.

2 The steering is really loose. We are renting an 08 G6 GT and the steering is nice and tight. Our 96 Grand Prix has super tight steering. This G6 wheel turns with almost no effort. I had the power steering message come up. No place to fill fluid so anyone have this trouble too?