1991 Pontiac Grand Am No designation (regular 2 door 2.5 liter Fuel Injected from North America




Been keeping up with the normal maintenance i.e. spark plugs, shocks, wires, brakes, etc.

Replaced heater core at over 100,000 but less than 200,000 miles.

Replaced ORIGINAL water pump and ORIGINAL fuel pump between 270,000 and 285,000 miles.

Replaced ORIGINAL crankcase censor and ORIGINAL ignition module between 270,000 and 280,000 miles. (Car was stalling unexpectedly after jolting a bit. Thought it was fuel lines, but turns out it wasn't--it was the ignition module and crankcase censor!)

Currently we're on our fourth alternator.

Currently we are on our fourth starter (the third one in a year). (see next problem)

Most recent problem... start car and drive somewhere, shut it off, get back in a few minutes later, it doesn't want to start. Let it sit, it starts fine. But start it up right after shutting it off and it won't start. When it happened, they put in a new starter, but it's still doing it. It's in the shop right now being looked at.

Window problems. Bought it w/o AC so windows are used daily. Windows come off track, window comes out of clips that hold it into the door.

Passenger seat doesn't click back into place unless you force it.

It's losing it's pickup a little over time, but I'd attribute that directly to the mileage!

General Comments:

This car will NEVER be traded in for anything. Even when we get a new vehicle, we're still going to run this Pontiac. It must have been a damn fine day when they made this, because overall I'd rate it a 9 out of 10.

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2002

2nd Dec 2002, 05:38

Hey! I love my Grand Am, now... For a while it had the same problem of starting and running fine, and then it wouldn't turn over to save it's life. But it had a habit of starting just fine on the wrecker and for the shop, couldn't for the life of them find what was wrong with it.

Started replacing logical parts, starter, battery, ignition switch in steering column. FINALLY (sp) it looks as if it was the Neutral Safety Switch. This switch is in the engine compartment and may or may not be affixed to the engine I'm not sure. It prevents the car from starting if it detects the transmission is in gear. This is a feature held over from older cars (Pontiac and otherwise) to keep the car from leaping off cause you accidentally left it in gear and didn't know it. Apparently people used to not be careful and make sure they're cars were in park before leaving them and not drive or reverse.

But when it starts to go out, it'll sometimes at random think the transmission is in gear and won't let the car start. You then rock the car (ie-putting it on a wrecker) and it'll turn over just fine. I spent over a month replacing what I thought was wrong, just to have it run for a week or so and then refuse to start. It's not expensive, but not cheap either, but try replacing the Neutral Safety Switch and let me know if that helped or if you already got it fixed.



1991 Pontiac Grand Am LE 2.4 Quad 4 from North America


Affordable, reliable sporty transportation


Replaced the starter.

Replaced the alternator.

New tires.

General Comments:

Needs the E-Brake fixed, and a tune-up. Otherwise this car has been very reliable, speedy, and comfortable. It has never failed to start, and has never left me stranded. Plus decent gas mileage is good.

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2001

1991 Pontiac Grand Am 2.5 FI from North America


A damn good bargain


Replaced heater core at 75000 miles.

Replaced first water pump at about 270000 miles.

Replaced first fuel pump at about 272000 miles.

Replaced crank case sensor at 275000 miles.

General Comments:

This car handles great, and still has good pick up and go at over 278000 miles.

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Review Date: 19th September, 2001

27th Nov 2001, 20:06

1991 Grand Ams are the real deal. Great car.

Original plugs replaced at 110,000 miles. Still going strong at 200,000 miles.

Bought it with 23,000 miles and kept up routine oil changes.

Thank you Pontiac for a great car.