1993 Pontiac Grand Am GT 3.3 from North America


A slow and sad car


Both window motor bolts have broken.

Bad motor mounts.

Bad air intake gasket.

Broken a-frame.

Bad front passenger side strut.

Bad rear driver side strut.

Bad exhaust.

The stock exhaust was too expensive so I had to put a single exhaust on.

Seats have started to wear badly.

For the name Pontiac gives it, it is really slow.

The pin in the steering wheel slipped out.

General Comments:

I have almost rebuilt the whole engine. I have put more money into the car than what I bought it for.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2003

23rd Oct 2012, 16:50

Any American car with over 100,000 miles is pretty much worn out.

24th Oct 2012, 16:51

Does that include my Lincoln with 168,000 miles?

1993 Pontiac Grand Am SE 3.3 V6 from North America


A big piece of crap


Many things have gone with my car I bought it off a friend for 2400 dollars. I really shouldn't have. When I step on the gas the car putters and it takes 10 seconds for the car to kick in.

You can feel the transmission drop when I put it in gear.

It needs a motor mount.

It needs a battery bracket because the battery moves around.

I had to replace the fan because the fan stopped to work and my car was going to over heat.

One more thing it needs a wheel aliment, it shakes really bad.

General Comments:

The car is really roomy. it's a 2 door, but a big 2 door.

It handles really well and has great brakes.

Its really quick and my mom does not want me to have it because I wrecked my old car and that one went slower. lol.

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Review Date: 19th March, 2003

1993 Pontiac Grand Am GT 3.3 V6 from North America


A fast way to brighten your day!


The ABS light stays on, took it to a brake professional, the ABS system is fine. It died one morning when it was like -3degrees less than two minutes after starting the car.

General Comments:

So far I love this car. I went from a 2.0L 4-cylinder Ford Probe to this 3.3L V-6 Grand AM GT and I will never own another "4 banger". The body is beautiful and the airdam and spoiler make it even better. It is a brilliant red with charcoal interior. I would not trade Mary Jane - my car's name - for anything right now.

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Review Date: 18th February, 2003

1993 Pontiac Grand Am SE Quad 4 2.3L from North America


Not bad if you take good care of it



1) The worst part was the Clutch Lock up within the automatic transmission system. The car used to just stall in the middle of the highway. One of my friend who is also a mechanic, pulled some electric plug out and the clutch/torque converter never locked up again.

Be very careful, because I was about th replace the transmission, which would have been a VERY costly repair.

2) The struts are really really bad... I can't afford to change them now... the car shakes pretty badly whenever I have to cut sharp corners or run into a ditch.

3) Water leaks through the dashboard and into the passenger side ... This really sucks... I cannot keep anything in my glove compartment.

4) The service engine lights go on and off... now the brake lights are on all the time... and I have no clue what is wrong... probably the sensors have gone :(

5) I think the head gasket started to leak... but I poured in some Gasket Sealant and now the leak totally stopped.

6) My drivers side window does not open.

General Comments:

Well generally speaking...

I really enjoy riding this car. It really has a good pickup for a 4 cylinder car. Not bad at all. It looked really cool in the year I bought it. The transmission shift smoothly.

I engine never gave me any problems. I am sure I can easily pull of 200,000 miles with it.

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Review Date: 26th January, 2003

1993 Pontiac Grand Am SE 2.3L Quad4 SOHC from North America


Excellent sporty daily driver for long and short distance


Replaced original brake pads and rotors/drums.

Replaced worn tires.

Replaced Ignition coil housing after spark plug came unthreaded and melted it a good bit. Mostly my fault and the previous tune up mechanics for cross threading the plug and me for being to lazy to fully seat the new plug after it bounded on the cross thread.

Tuned car up for what appears to be the 2nd time it's ever been tuned up.

Belts and hoses are factory original and now need to be replaced.

Factory R-12 Air conditioning system has been converted to R-134a.

Replaced A/C condenser after it was discovered it had a huge leak.

A/C Compressor leaks "slightly" according to the shop mechanic that replaced the condenser.

Alternator bearings have gone bad and squeal under right weather/humidity conditions.

Water pump has sprung a leak and needs to be replaced.

Recently the passenger side lower control arm to stabilizer union has broken apart and needs to be fixed.

Hollow sound coming from the passenger side rear tire. I believe the bearing was damaged when we used a sledge to break the tire free from the drum when we changed the brakes.

Replaced windshield wiper blades.

General Comments:

Aside from all the problems I've had/have with this car it still runs strong and gets good mileage.

When I first saw the car and told some people that I wanted to buy it they all told me the quad 4 was a terrible engine. At over 100,000 miles with me as the second owner and virtual no real maintenance done by the original owner the problems are what I'd expect from a 10 year old 100,000+ mile car.

Car is as comfortable as if it was new although it looks slightly used and dirty (that is until I get a chance to clean it this spring)

I'd highly recommend this car to anyone.

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Review Date: 19th January, 2003