1996 Pontiac Grand Am SE 3.1L from North America


It runs really well when there's no problem, but can't seem to keep it that way


My wife had the car before we got married, now I drive it. Since she had it:

Recall for the ignition system at about 155K miles. Keys would sometimes get stuck in the ignition and would not start.

Alternator was replaced later determined that a new engine needed to be put in.

Check engine light is on constantly. I had it diagnosed and determined up-stream O2 sensor had gone bad. Replaced O2 sensor and check engine light is still on. Had it diagnosed again and now there is an emission malfunction.

I really don't know what the relation of the ETS and ABS light have with one another, because when one comes on the other one does also. When one goes off the other one does as well.

Just had the brakes replaced about a year or so ago and the brake light is back on.

General Comments:

I'm really tired of shelling out money for this car. It really rides smooth on the highway though. And I supposedly have an emission malfunction, but I'm getting great gas mileage still, about 27mpg, and I drive about 30 milw to work and the same distance home. Maybe I should just trade it in?

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Review Date: 13th June, 2003

4th Aug 2003, 23:36

I would guess your ETS and ABS system lights coming on simultaneously has something to do with the ABS system (as far as I know, ETS works entirely within the ABS system so if ABS goes out, it takes traction control with it). Your problem has happened on my Grand Am three times, the first time it was an ABS sensor, the second it was ABS wiring, and the third it was an ABS wiring sensor. All three were on the right front wheel.

1996 Pontiac Grand Am GT 3.1 from North America


You get what you pay for


My rear head gasket blew at 93,000 miles and then my front head gasket blew at 95,000 miles.

My driver's side window motor is not working.

Now my coolant temperature sensor is not working correctly.

General Comments:

I enjoy driving my car. It is pretty zippy for a compact car.

I also enjoy the gas mileage. I had a gas hog Dodge Dakota before this.

Also I had to replace numerous other things when I purchased the car, like brakes, fuel filter, air filter and spark plugs. I work at a auto parts store and I know that this is regular happenings for a high mileage vehicle so I wasn't upset at those things.

What bothers me is that head gaskets blew out at 93,000 miles when other manufacturer's vehicles way out last that.

If I didn't have so many problems with my Grand Am (especially the expensive ones) I would love driving it. It handles great and it picks up and goes.

I would probably not get another grand am due to the fact that I think they were made to only last 100,000 miles. In other words, it is a throw away car.

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Review Date: 25th May, 2003

1st Feb 2005, 22:20

I have a white 4 door 1996 Pontiac Grand Am GT, and it drives and looks great. I have only had one problem with it since I got it in 1996 brand new. The only problem was the water pump, and my car has 83,200 miles on it, so I'll see if my car lasts past 100,000 miles.

1996 Pontiac Grand Am SE 2.4L V4 from North America


A dream come true..


There are a few little quirks in my car, but I'm not sure if they are actually problems. I'm in the process of having them checked out.

For some odd reason, I am able to pull the key out of the ignition while it is on, still running, and even in motion and this does not affect the performance of the car at all.

The dealer gave us the car with "new tires and new brakes." The tires are indeed new, but the brakes were already half-worn when we got it, so since there is a 60 day bumper-to-bumper deal, we're going to bring it back and see if they can be replaced.

This is another thing that bothers me: When the car is completely off, the shifter can be shifted out of park without the button on the shifter even being pushed, and the car actually starts moving. That is something I will also have looked at.

The window on the driver's side is a little bit off-track and does not seal properly when closed all the way.

Both front window motors are a little bit slow.

We also got the car with a very very small leak in the power steering hose. This will also be fixed.

Other than those minor problem (which really have nothing to do with the performance of the car) there is nothing wrong with this car.

General Comments:

I love my car. It is my first car (although my mom and I were sharing a 2002 Nissan Altima for 8 months) and I absolutely love it.

The inside is a little bit small, but it is still comfortable enough.

I always feel safe in my car, and it is good for anyone with any need.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2003