1996 Pontiac Grand Am GT 3.1L V6 from North America


It runs and looks great.. and it has very good pick-up and horse power!!!


Nothing much.

I changed the battery at 60,000 miles.

The check engine light went on one time, but it was only my spark plugs ($400.00)

Because my car uses platnum spark plugs.

The RPM gauge goes up sometimes when the car is shut off.

Other than that nothing has gone wrong!!

General Comments:

This car is great and sporty looking.

I don't know why people are complaining about it because the car treats you as the owner treats it.

My car is white and has sporty white rims. The inside of my Grand Am is good. My seats are not worn out... Either is my carpets and my car now has 66,045 miles on it.

I get my car detailed and waxed every month so my car is really shiny and clean.

I don't like driving it in the snow or rain so in the winter so I only put about 2,000 miles on it during the winter.

I don't know how the other owner treated it, but it is running really great.

I am planning on keeping it for about 5 years.

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Review Date: 15th March, 2003

1st Feb 2005, 22:46

I have the exact type of car, it is white with white sporty rims and the same exact things happened to me as they happened to you. I have had it since brand new and those are the only problems I have had with it. The paint job is wonderful and very shiny when it is clean.

16th Sep 2009, 20:34

I have a 96 Grand am GT Coupe, Green with Montanna van mags on it. I love the car other than the speedo likes to jump around and sometimes not work at all, so I just go by the tach.

And the door windows are messing up. A friend told me it's probably the plastic clips. Gonna check that out before week's end.

Great power and fuel economy, rides a bit harsh on broken pavements, but smooth as silk on good blacktop.

Keep your oil changed, and a bit of maintenance on these or any other car as far as that goes, and they will last and reward you along time :: Doug (Scrapper) Clark, Ontario Canada.

1996 Pontiac Grand Am LX 6 cylinder from North America


Expensive - repair costs


Drivers side window motor - 47000km.


Oxygen sensor.

Gas tank.

Fuel pump.

Alternator (again - the first one was replaced at the dealership, the battery was also replaced this time).

Tensioner band.

Oxygen sensor (again)

Water pump.

Accelerator cable.

Part of the front suspension (cannot remember what part).

Air conditioner (has been recharged, but that did not work - I will likely have to replace it this spring).

General Comments:

The car is comfortable to drive, but I am not happy with the types (and costs) of the repairs required over the 4 years I have owned it.

I think there is something wrong in the engine, it is now hesitating (from time to time) going up hills.

The low traction warning light comes on and in the warmer weather, the ABS warning light also comes on after the low traction warning light has come on.

The car was purchased two years old from a dealership, and it was the Used Car Sales Managers wife's car, so I assumed that is was properly maintained.

I hope that it will last one more year (without any major repairs).

I have owned two GM cars, a Sunbird then this Grand Am. Previous to that I had owned Honda's for a number of years. I do not think I will be buying another GM car, I will likely go back to Honda.

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Review Date: 6th March, 2003

15th Nov 2004, 17:22

Why not buy a GM car that's not a cheap piecer? You bought two low end cars, what do you expect?